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41743Re: Re: [liturgy-l] use of older liturgies

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  • Ian Gomersall
    Oct 2, 2011
      Use of BCP varies across the country, rural England generally prefers the
      traditional language 1662 rite, and several cathedrals will have it as an
      option for some celebrations (but not principal ones). Evensong is generally

      Its important though to point out that Common Worship has traditional
      language versions of its Eucharists, and some parish churches use these in
      preference to 1662.

      Although 1928 was never officially authoriozed it was extensively used, and
      indeed, as David says bits of it found understandably found their way into
      Common Worship.

      Interstingly 1662 has a different calendar to CW and so, rather like western
      RCs there are two calendars in use.

      Fr Ian Gomersall

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