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36348Re: [liturgy-l] Varieties of Lutherans

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  • John Schultz
    Sep 1, 2009
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      Another smallish one is the Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church, which I
      believe uses one of the versions of the BCP, and seeks recognition from

      John Schultz

      Scott Knitter wrote:
      > There's a biggish one in Lansing, Michigan, that runs a school and
      > probably still broadcasts its 8 a.m. service on the radio. I used to
      > listen while I got ready to go to my church. Always amazed me how the
      > organist at the time could play every stanza (of the sometimes 10 or
      > 12 stanzas of some of the hymns in The Lutheran Hymnal) with precisely
      > the same registration and tempo. The pastor's preaching style was a
      > bit hard to take, sort of a long harangue. I gather things have
      > lightened up a little since then, and they use the newer Christian
      > Worship hymnal.
      > A dear friend who's a superb organist grew up in a small WELS church
      > near Lansing, and what I remember of it was a whole lot of very robust
      > singing by everyone present. And by robust I mean loud. :)
      > On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 8:18 PM, Lewis Whitaker<lhwhitaker@...> wrote:
      >> Wow. I didn't know the WELS was so tiny. They've opened a parish in my
      >> hometown, but I've not checked them out. I probably won't.
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