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33435Re: [liturgy-l] The Peace

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  • Brian Bennett
    Dec 1, 2008
      David Lewis wrote:
      >Much has been said about the Peace having turned into an elongated group
      >scramble. I've seen this happen in any number of places and it does not set
      >well with me liturgically, but at the same time I cannot help but wonder if in
      >some congregations such a "scramble" does not help reinforce community each

      Speaking as one who serves a congregation which was in dire conflict when I arrived, I rejoice to see the "scramble" as people now leave their pews to greet many around them as well as across the nave.

      The one thing I have been reflecting on as I read this thread is this. When I share the peace from the altar with the entire congregation I use the typical "The peace of the Lord be with you always." They respond typically "And also with you." But then I say, "Let us share with one another a sign of Christ's peace." I wonder, is it a sign of the Lord's peace that we share? Or are we sharing the Lord's peace? For while it is surely the Lord's peace that we share, it is not the fullness of his peace...


      Brian O. Bennett -- St. Paul Lutheran Church
      Morgantown, WV

      For in celebrating the liturgy, our gaze is not restricted to Jesus, but is raised to him from whom ultimately the highest of all good gifts comes: to the Father. Nor do we open our hearts and raise our minds heavenward of ourselves, but in the power of the Holy Spirit of the Father and of the Son poured into our hearts. It is solely in view of the entire triune God that the worshipping community is gathered together to celebrate God's generosity and liberality.
      - Hans Urs VonBalthasar

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