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30056RE: [liturgy-l] Crafting the Printed Liturgical Book

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  • Art Hebbeler
    May 1, 2007
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      I'm guessing this is for the pew-sitter, not the presider?

      Large print, lots of white space, consistent fonts. If providing hymns or
      other music, be consistent in how the stanzas are shown (all in same
      typeface, alternate regular/italics, whatever but be consistent!)

      Don't follow the example of the new Evangelical Lutheran Worship or,
      frankly, the BCP. Lay out the liturgies in a logical sequence, and put the
      applicable music or text in place, rather than having the worshipper flip
      back and forth a thousand times in one service.


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      | Friends,
      | I am currently working on typesetting an Eastern Rite liturgy book. I
      | have studied many different liturgy books in my day, but for some
      | reason, none of them seem to offer the right balance in appearance
      | that I feel is proper for the project at hand.
      | What suggestions might the folks on this list have for the layout,
      | design, appearance, etc... of a contemporary liturgy book? What would
      | make the book easy to use for you if you were visiting a local
      | congregation, worshipping in a different rite than you were used to
      | (or, for that matter, worshipping liturgically for the first time)?
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