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22794Re: Night Prayer (Compline)- your assistance please

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  • cfortunato@aol.com
    Oct 2, 2005
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      There is a book called "Celtic Night Prayer" which contains the form of
      prayer from a community of monastics in Northumbria. They have a different
      Compline for each night of the week. Here's a sample:


      * Indicates a change of reader.
      All say together the sections in bold type.
      R Indicates response by all.
      R In peace will I lie down, for it is You, O Lord,
      You alone who makes me to rest secure.
      Silently (make the sign of the Cross)
      The Sacred Three
      To save
      To shield
      To surround
      The hearth
      the home
      this night
      and every night.
      * Search me, O God, and know my heart.
      Test me and know my thoughts. R
      * See if there is any wicked way in me. R
      * And lead me in the way everlasting. R
      O Father, O Son, O Holy Spirit,
      forgive me my sins.
      O only – begotten Son of the heavenly Father,
      O God who is one,
      O God who is true,
      O God who is first,
      O God who is one substance,
      O God only mighty,
      in three Persons, truly merciful,
      * O God of life, this night,
      O darken not to me thy light. R
      * O God of life this night,
      close not Thy gladness to my sight. R
      * Keep Your people, Lord,
      in the arms of Your embrace.
      Shelter them under Your wings. R
      * Be their light in darkness.
      Be their hope in distress.
      Be their calm in anxiety. R
      * Be strength in their weakness. R
      * Be their comfort in pain. R
      * Be their song in the night. R
      * Be it on Your own beloved arm,
      O God of grace that I in peace shall awake. R
      Be the peace of the Spirit mine this night.
      Be the peace of the Son mine this night.
      Be the peace of the Father mine this night.
      The peace of all peace be mine this night
      In the name of the Father, (make the sign of the Cross )
      And of the Son,
      And of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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