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22792Re: [liturgy-l] Night Prayer (Compline)- your assistance please

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  • Robin Drake
    Oct 1, 2005
      Hi Amy,
      Here's a link which, while it starts from a musical
      perspective, connects into both Episcopal/Anglican and
      Roman Catholic Compline information. Unfortunately the
      CofE links seem to not be working.


      Feel free to ask any questions, any time - you'll get many
      answers (not always in agreement, but that is a learning
      experience, also).

      Robin Drake
      St. Anne's, Reston VA (ECUSA)
      (chorister and mostly lurker)

      --- Amy Mark <atreatre@...> wrote:

      > Hi!
      > Thanks for the prayer! Actually, I'm not at all familiar
      > with the compline inthe breviary (I'm not even sure I
      > know what the breviary is...), and would love to learn
      > more.
      > You see, I come from an evangelical background, so there
      > is a whole world of worship resources that I know nothing
      > about. I have a deep passion for the worship life of the
      > Church, so much so that I made it the primary focus of my
      > seminary training. I suppose it is a phenomenon of the
      > evangelical tradition that you have to actually choose a
      > focus like that. But that's a whole other conversation.
      > The point is, while I was in seminary, I conducted a
      > study of worship in the Church, the main goal being just
      > to find out how the Church worships today, and what role
      > worship plays in the life of the congregation. So I
      > visited different churches every week for two years, from
      > different traditions and denominations, different ethnic
      > backgrounds, rural and urban, large and small, and from
      > varying economic situations. It was amazing. However,
      > the sheer scope of my study meant that I was not able to
      > glean as much in terms of specific worship practices and
      > traditions. There is such a depth and breadth, such a
      > richness, that I just couldn't reach in the time I had to
      > work with. That's part of the reason I joined this
      > group. I want to learn as much as possible. I believe
      > that worship is our response to God, and as I learn how
      > others respond to God, I learn more about who God is,
      > what God has done, is doing, and will do.
      > So, if you're willing, I'd love to learn as much as
      > you're willing to share with me. I believe that one of
      > the best ways to build unity in the Church is to learn
      > the story of God as it has been played out in the lives
      > of others, and to embrace that as part of our own story.
      > After all, my story, and your story, the story of every
      > church, and the stories of the Church, are all only part
      > of God's story. I want to know as much of God's story as
      > I possibly can.
      > Thanks so much, oh, and I'm sorry this email got so long.
      > I tend to be overly verbose... talk too much, write too
      > much, you know.
      > Grace and peace,
      > Amy Mark
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