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21026consecration of altar

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  • asteresplanetai
    Mar 1, 2005
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      > From: Lewis H Whitaker [mailto:aspern@...]

      > Many moons ago there was a website with a "photo essay" that showed the
      > consecration of an altar in an Orthodox church. Do you know the site
      > I'm
      > thinking of? I forgot to bookmark it, of course.

      > From: "Pastor Art Hebbeler STS"
      > <pastorhebbeler@...>

      > I believe it was an Antiochian Orthodox Church that was built in 2004
      > someplace in California.

      in case somebody didn't give the correct reference already (i'm on
      digest mode)-- of course you can always google 'orthodox consecration'
      or some such and find all kinds of things.

      but i think the photoessay you mean was the consecration of st seraphim
      / holy protection (oca) church in santa rosa, calif. So, google "st
      seraphim santa rosa" and see what you get.

      i can email but not surf here in sultry kampala, so i can't send you
      the exact reference.

      there might be other such pictures out there, but that's the one i
      know. not really so informative as one would wish, given the rarity of
      the event, unfortunately.

      as i recall there's a picture of yours truly ringing bells somewhere in
      that photoessay too.


      john burnett.