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20265Re: [liturgy-l] The liturgical year and modern society

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  • Robin Drake
    Jan 2, 2005
      What you speak of would help, in terms of attitude, but a
      lot of that attitude can only be created by the individual
      believers and worshippers, not by any organization. People
      need to claim that time, and not be shy about it. I
      customarily take off work for the latter part of Holy Week
      (the Triduum), in part because as a church singer I'm going
      flat out at that point, but also to center myself in the
      events. If I don't do that, the three days are in danger
      of becoming more work than joy!

      As far as society's/employers' attitude goes, one can ask
      for time off, and play the religious card if needed - I've
      never had to, but I've not worked a job where those days
      were likely to be rush times. That argument has legs, tho'
      you're right that it's used more by non-Christians.

      FWIW, St. Anne's is not quite as full for the vigil as it
      will be the next day, but it's still pretty well populated,
      and growing. Part of the issue for us may be that we are
      growing fastest in the demographic with very young
      children. By and large, they don't come out in the evening,
      and they certainly take a lot of persuading to come out
      twice in 12 hours.

      A tangential comment to your reference to Yuletide - I was
      going through the hymns and carols we used over the past
      week and a day, and only a couple of them went beyond
      literal storytelling. The Easter hymns have far more in
      the way of theology and metaphor, it seems, than their
      Christmas counterparts. (Before any of our resident
      Lutherans jump me, let me note that our local church
      unfortunately finds the German chorale tradition to be very
      foreign territory - we didn't even get to sing Wachet Auf
      this past year!)

      Robin Drake
      St. Anne's (ECUSA)
      Reston VA

      --- Tom Poelker <TomPoelker@...> wrote and I

      > Secular society does make some allowance for Jewish and
      > Islamic high holy days. I would trade all other advances
      > in congregational understanding of the church year if we
      > could get Americans to speak of the Triduum and treat it
      > as the High Holy Days from sundown Holy Thursday to an
      > Easter Eucharist actually on Sunday.
      > As a RC, I would like to see these days alone be
      > considered the Holy Days of Obligation.
      > It is strange how many people come to "Midnight Mass"
      > when so few are willing to come out after dark in better
      > weather for the Easter Vigil.
      > I'd also give away Yuletide to our secular society and
      > keep all its trappings out of the church and celebrate
      > more solemnly the mystery of the Incarnation rather than
      > the birth of the "Christchild".
      > Tom Poelker
      > St. Louis MO
      > USA

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