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20246Re: [liturgy-l] Epiphany/Ascension (was: A Stupid Question???)

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  • Mary Montgomery
    Dec 31, 2004
      Scott Knitter wrote:

      >Only problem is: the enormous body of Christians in Roman Catholicism
      >go ahead and transfer Epiphany to Sunday.
      Yeah, I know. We sure are a pain in the seat of learning are we not. :-[
      I tried to encourage the celebration of Epiphany on the 6th but it just
      didn't work
      out in my parish. <sigh>
      There is only so much a liturgical terrorist can do against a determined
      parish priest. (grumph)
      Well, maybe not, hmmnnnn.......I had better stop being wicked as I
      haven't completed my last penance yet.
      Better do that before I get the next one.... :-)
      MaryM (the lay Aussie RC and sometime liturgical terrorist)
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