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14859Keillor gem in Convention Daily

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  • Scott Knitter
    Aug 1, 2003

      Check Keillor's welcome on p. 5. Excerpt:

      Lutherans learn to sing in four-part
      harmony before they can read, and it
      can be terribly moving to stand in their
      midst as they sing “Children of the
      Heavenly Father” or some other hymn
      they all know by heart.
      It makes you feel the Spirit as the
      apostles felt at Pentecost. It brings tears
      to your eyes. Of course there is usually
      an organist on hand who is happy to
      ruin the whole thing by opening up all
      of his trumpet and chainsaw stops and
      then plunging us into the key of D
      minor for a set of ingenious variations
      that make us all want to get out of there
      and worship God in the woods and
      fields where there are no organs, just an
      occasional harmonica.
      Scott Knitter, Chicago USA