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10923Re: [liturgy-l] Blessing-Hymn-Dismissal

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  • DJP4LAW@aol.com
    Oct 12, 2002
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      In a message dated 10/1/02 8:53:22 AM Central Daylight Time,
      ahebbeler@... writes:

      > In Lent in particular (and in '01 during the summer as a trial run), we
      > omit the hymn, going from blessing to dismissal. We encourage (through
      > a note in the bulletin, newsletter and gentle reminder at the start of
      > the season) the congregation to remain seated in silence during the
      > postlude for reflection and prayer as the organist makes his/her musical
      > offering. Some still dash for the doors, but it's getting better....

      I'm very late in responding to this: Too many 12-hour workdays. But this bit
      sparks a memory:

      When we lived in Chicago and were members of Resurrection (ELCA), the Worship
      Committee and Organist decided to take Lenten austerity seriously and to omit
      the postlude. (I'll leave untouched the issue of symmetry in the liturgy --
      e.g., prelude-postlude balance; if one processes, one recesses; etc.) We
      ended the liturgy with benediction and dismissal ("Go in peace; serve the
      Lord" and "Thanks be go God."); silent recession of the clergy (to get him to
      the back of the nave to bid farewell to worshippers; and nothing else.

      The "experiment" certainly carved out a distinctive feeling for Lent. But I
      have not yet decided whether I liked it or not, whether it made sense or not.
      It was a deprivation, and as such fit the Lenten themes we were
      promoting/expounding that year. But it seemed, too, to leave only a gaping
      hole, not to provide an alternative to the splendor of a pipe organ well

      Dwight Penas
      Minneapolis (now at Mount Olive, where, I trust, such an idea would never be
      entertained, given the Paul-Manz-and-successors tradition!)

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