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RE: pamestas fotikas

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  • Rolandas
    Sveiki, Norëtûsi bût vienu ið tø couple ir atsiliepus su dþiaugsmu graþint ðá fotoaparatà, bet, deja, nesu... L Labai viliuosi, kad visgi surastas ir
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      Nor�t�si b�t vienu i� t� couple ir atsiliepus su d�iaugsmu gra�int ��
      fotoaparat�, bet, deja, nesu... L Labai viliuosi, kad visgi surastas ir
      gr��intas Niamh�ui bus!

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      Subject: LTA: pamestas fotikas

      Jei kas nors noretumete atsiliepti, rasykite email'u: hayesniamh@...


      I didn't want to post directly to your group so I am emailing you, I hope
      this is ok. If you could pass this on, or post it, I'd really appreciate it,
      but if it is inappropriate, then don't worry, I just thought I would try.

      A German friend of mine, called Martin, was hitchhiking in the south of
      Ireland (between Cork & Kerry) and he got a lift to Glengarrif on the 18th
      March from a woman & a man who were on holidays on the south coast of
      Ireland. They were heading to the ring of Kerry and dropped him off in
      Glengarrif. The couple were Lithuanian and work in Dublin. He left his
      camera (a small black pocket camera in a black case) in the car and would
      very much like to get it back if at all possible. If anyone has any ideas or
      information so he or I could try to track it down, it would be great! I know
      the chances are tiny but I figured I'd try�. Ireland is a small country
      after all :) Thanks in advance for any help/ suggestions!

      Best wishes and many thanks,

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