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  • Praful Joshi
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      Subject: Tower of Babel

      The Indi Patriot
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      Tuesday, August 20, 2013

      In the bible in the book of Genesis there is a chapter about post flood when the humanity as a mass united and spoke one language and was of one mind.

      As a symbol of this unity, they decided to make a tower which would reachbabel heaven. God came to know about this endeavour and came up with a plan. He said "Come, let us go down and confound their speech."
      He decreed that they would all speak in different tongues. At one the unity broke down and they scattered to all corners of the world.

      The incidents of the last few days remind me of this story in two ways:

      The First:
      The unity of the masses is being systematically being broken down by bringing up lines in the sand of caste , creed, religion and territories. Lines telanganawhich are man made and have no basis in reality. A part of what was Tamil Nadu yesterday is Pondicherry today, what was Andhra Pradesh has now been carved into bits. The chaos is upon us and the quasi Gods rule. Its nothing new.

      Not only that, every political party has its own tower of babel. Each politician speaks his own language and the only thing binding them is the worship of Mammon .
      Can any reader, please tell me that when there was a transfer of power from the British why the Indian leaders like Nehru fought tooth and nail to ensure the princely states didn't create islands of power, since it seems to be happening anyways under the current politicians.

      So what’s this idea of breaking of bits of the nation creating quasi fiefdoms by making more and more bits, except an insult to the martyrs of the freedom fight. If this was to be, then I would have preferred the princely states at least that way we had some chance of a benevolent ruler.
      The Second:

      The building of towers of grandiose proportions which have little or no meaning except to perhaps act as Freudian overcompensation for the designers is the new moronic scheme to build sky scrapers to house slum dwellers.
      This is wrong on so many levels I don't know where to start. 1233789
      The most obvious of course is the cycle of a slum dweller detailed by me in my earlier article. With skyscrapers the resale value of these FREE flats will go up and sales will happen faster. The checks and measures put in place are so farcical they could be a Faustian comedy.

      Slightly and I say slightly more subtle is the fact that as of date a large % of slum dwellers who are in a large degree used to subsidized light and water (a euphemism) when faced with the fact of now having to pay for them create havoc.
      Now when you ask them to pay for things like lift maintenance, guess how fast the lifts will fall into dis repair. Now imagine an old grand mother being allocated a flat on lets say 18th floor  and we can see how this is a recipe for disaster.
      Doondo doono re sajaana mere file coalwala

      I love Zen, its one of the world most profound religions. One of the ways Zen downloadis so unique is that when you meet an enlightened Master and he feel you have potential, he does something so unexpected. He will slap you hard. That’s his message that you’re in a slumber and you should wake up.

      We have received slap after slap and except for a few of us, the world is still sleeping. The latest slap is the abduction (that is the only way to put it) of 300 odd crucial files in scam cases which have gone missing.
      On twitter a couple of days ago someone asked, how can the Govt justify not digitizing its files in the light of its insistence on digitisation of the common mans ids in Aadhar.  Is there something in Aadhar we dont know about ?
      My answer was simple, its more difficult to claim hard disk crash in this world of cloud computing than mis-placement of physical  files. The cherry on the cake is if these files were misplaced by anyone not in power, there would have been arrests galore.
      PS: has anyone noticed that the files missing are from 1994 onwards, i.e. covering both the regimes. Its so true, politics makes strange bedfellows.

      Psssssst : A little birdie tells me that we may be seeing a scapegoat in the form of Mr Jaiswal for the issue of lost files, isn't it funny how the focus has gone from illegal allocation to lost files, and closing of that issue will appease the masses and all will be well. Now if we can only get Salman and SRK to hug again, the press will forget about it too.
      Joke of the week: Why hasnt the CBI thought of asking Arnab for a copy of the missing files, he always seem to have copies of all documents in his hand.

      For more articles like this one , please visit http://theindipatriot.blogspot.com

      let me introduce myself:
      I am an person of Indian origin residing in Mumbai who feels that the time has come to speak up or be silent forever. We all see movies like Rang De Basanti or Lage Raho Munnabhai and after walking out of theatre for the next couple of days the effect hangs like a halo around us. A few days later we go back to our old ways. This is my way of keeping the spirit of India alive. 
      As they say" 100 mein se 99% beimaan phir be India hai Mahaan"

      My Mission Statement is:
      A lot of people have written in asking why do I write these articles?

      My answer is simple.

      We meet loads of people everyday. When we stand around talking a lot of issues are discussed, what I hope and see happening is that the next time one of the readers starts a conversation on a topic I have written about, at least they will talk about it from a new viewpoint from the rest.

      Which is why I talk about all aspects on life in India be it the Ram Setu Bridge or the Elections or maybe even the latest soap on TV.


      I am sending you this mail since you have at some time or the other sent me a joke, an interesting article or some other little snippet or or some friend who has liked my articles has referred you to me or at the very least you have been a CC on such an article forwarded to me so I feel this may be of interest to you.
      I have started a blog under the name indipatriot and am sending you this article and the link to the blog http://theindipatriot.blogspot.com where you can read this and other articles. I would also request you to send me articles and other things you would like me to publish on this blog from jokes to spiritual articles all comments are welcome. The email address for sending articles to is theindipatriot@...  If you feel that this blog is not to your taste and do not wish to receive updates about the same, please send an email to the same address and we shall remove you from the mailing list.

      Disclaimer This article is my personal opinion and is not meant to offend or hurt any person or any body of people. The matter is drawn from public domain and no copyright is knowingly transgressed. If any topic is found to be objectionable by you for any reason whatsoever, please do leave a comment and I will be glad to include a clarification in my follow-ups.

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