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5130THOUGH FOR HEALTHY FOOD !!! They Had Promised To Safeguard Our Food and Yet...

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    Aug 8 8:57 PM
      My Dear Leaders,

      Like me many of you must be cherishing in memories for long the childhood life in villages before migrating to Mumbai or elsewhere.  To the melodious sounds of lot of birds I used to get up from my bed in the mornings.  

      In my village Chittapur, Telangana on my visit after a long duration of twelve years, I could not find anywhere crows and other small birds, known in our Telugu language as Oorapichukalu .  

      Friends, straight away I will not jump into conclusions for disappearance many types of birds. 

      All of us or people who live in cities are subjected / compelled to consume health hazardous food due to teeth-less laws which fail to curb the menace of fertilizers and pesticides industry.  Only rich farmers are lucky enough, who cultivate food crops for their family with organic manure and consumer friendly inputs by reserving in few acres of land.  The rest of the land for cultivation for commercial / sale purpose crops is utilized for better crops and better profits with so called modern methods of using DAP, Urea and what not.  Government encouraging to import these poisonous chemicals and generously subsidising these to farmers is nothing but stupidity.  How can the Government neglect the importance of the good health of the people.  70% of deaths are due to Cancer, stoke and cardiovascular diseases as per records of WHO. Cunning foreigners are importing organic manure from Hindustan and exporting to us dangerous chemicals.  When we continue to use these for another 100 years the way its going on, in my opinion the land under cultivation at present would lose its fertility and not only farmers the entire nation will have to depend on imports of food grains and vegetables from other countries. We will need more and more hospitals for treatment of people suffering from the killer diseases which normally start with Diabetes.  Foreign multinationals are making big money by selling medicines.  Chemical fertilizers and Allopathic medicines compliment each other.  Creating and controlling but not curing the disease. It is a vicious circle already and we are silently being destroyed due to nexus between the calculative cheating by Multinationals and our Sarkar, so far.  

      What is the new Government doing? 

      Please read the following and act with prudence.

      Hari Oum!

      Bandi Gangadhar
      Executive Chairman,
      Sight Preservation, Awareness & Action, Sight First.

      P.S.  The innocent little birds and crows died because of drinking water from rice fields containing chemical fertilizers.  Pets like cats and dogs are also sacrificing lives or suffering without our notice.  Pay attention in your next visit to native place.

      From: Rajesh Krishnan <mail@...>
      Sent: Thu, 07 Aug 2014 08:07:33
      To: regal_rr@...
      Subject: They Had Promised To Safeguard Our Food and Yet...

      BJP had promised to safeguard us from Genetically Modified food. Ask Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar to keep this promise and stop the dangerous field trials of GM crops immediately.


      Dear Gangadhar,

      I wondered what to tell my 3.5 year old daughter as I fed her today.

      I could not tell her that I was angry and scared that GM food could now sneak into her food because the Government could not keep its promise. She is probably too young to understand this danger.

      How could I tell her that studies have proven Genetically Modified food is not safe for us? And that inspite of the earlier promise to safeguard our food, the Government approved field trials of dangerous GM food?

      Our Government’s approval means that dangerous GM varieties of rice, wheat and vegetables will find its way to what we buy and consume. Gangadhar, you and I could stop this now.

      Forward my email to your family and friends. Ask them to sign my petition asking the Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar to keep BJP’s promise to safeguard our food from GMOs and stop these dangerous field trials immediately.

      If thousands of people sign my petition and demand safe food and farms in India, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar will have to take action

      Forward this email with your family and friends and ask them to join us too. I believe that together we can protect our country from GM food.

      Thank you for taking action for our food.

      Rajesh Krishnan

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