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  • Sital Agarwal
    Jul 26, 2014
      Ask One!
      Imagine if every one of our 1.35 million
      Lions asked one person to join their club.
      Imagine the huge impact that would
      have on membership growth and
      the amount of service we can
      perform. It starts by inviting your
      friend, neighbor or co-worker to
      your club. Get them involved and
      let them see the benefits of being
      a Lion first-hand. What we
      accomplish today and what we
      accomplish in the future depends
      on building and strengthening our
      Start the year right! This issue of
      Membership Pulse has a number of
      great tools and resources to help you
      get started.

      Best Regards

      Lion Sital Agarwal PMJF
      DC GMT