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    Jun 28, 2014

      My Dear Lions,

      We may be facing water shortage due to below average rain fall so far. The trend is not promising this year. We as a responsible citizen we must bring in changes in our daily water usage pattern. This is a collective responsibility. We should not blame local administration.

      Few tips to save water;
      1. Stop using showers or tub etc.for bathing, instead follow old style of bucket and mug.
      2. Please do not wash clothes in washing machine.
      3. Please do not shave with running tap water.
      4. Please do not wash car, vehicles daily. You may opt for cleaning with damp cloth.
      5. For watering of plants do not use fresh water.
      6. Please advise maid servant not to clean utensils, dishes etc under running tap water.
      7. Please have a look at leakages of taps and get them reparied.
      8. Water harvesting is mantra for survival.

      We do forward many messages, please forward this message and create awareness to save water. It is our moral duty to help each other.

      Prevent wastage of Water.

      Lion Gangadhar Bandi
      District Advisor: Activities.

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