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4986Realizing The Law of Cause and Effect

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    Feb 7, 2014
      My Dear Lions,

      Realizing The Law of Cause and Effect

      To imagine how the law of karma works, consider what happens when we throw a stone into a lake: it causes ripples that spread out towards the shoreline, before returning to the centre point.

      Human beings constantly emit energy. We create thoughts, emotions and feelings that transmit vibrations. There are people who tend to radiate energy and others who tend to absorb it. The energy we give off hits other people and rebounds back to us. From this law we should understand that if people send us energy that is not very pleasant, perhaps it is because on another occasion we sent out this type of energy, although it may have taken a long time to come back to us.

      If we make an effort to give off positive energy, with love and respect for others, this energy will also come back to us. Positive energy creates a higher vibration than negative energy. Radiating positive energy produces an aura around us that protects us from negativity or from feeling hurt or humiliated. Our ego, which causes the radiation of negative energy, makes us susceptible to criticism, lack of respect and slander. If our ego does not take over, the negativity will not touch our inner selves.

      With Best Regards,



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