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4973Cellphone Radiation

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    Jan 26, 2014
      Forwarded for update.

      Gangadhar N. Bandi.

      Dear All.
      The certification given by Vodafone is a SELF CERTIFICATION of low radiation. by VODAFONE. All certifications lack credibility issues unless there is a proven stringent accredition. Self accredition though a norm for telecom industry ,is arguably flawed. The multinationals have a poor track record of compliance  in India.... we have all seen the UNION.CARBIDE and Enron corp. involved in compliance issues historically.

      Drug companies both MNC and Indian are often caught wronging healthcare and end up Paying huge penalties both locally and in foreign countries they operate in..Thats their penalty but the victims pay up with their health..

      MOBILE TOWER RADIATION even if low in intensity is harmful and if  it is prolonged ...It is CARCINOGENIC.. can be harmful and.cause havoc medically.

      Lets not decide that it is safe based on the MNC letter or because the parents committee feels so. Bur rely  on govt submission on.behalf of.schools /educational institutions.. and plenty of data available openly.
      we all know there is a.potential danger lurking so why play with it.. like a snake charmer with snakes.

      My strong opinion please dismantle the cell phone  towers or reerect it away from children and teachers dorms..
      Link below explains MAharashtra stand...


      I hope this is given due care and not dismissed off as we need to care for all the people on the premises.

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