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369Mouse problem Compaq Armada 3500

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  • Theo Schmidt
    Aug 16 10:20 AM
      Dear List,

      I successfully installed SuSE 7.3 on a Compaq Armada 3500 notebook.
      This went without a hitch except for some screen problems, which sax2
      was unable to solve (I have never been able to use sax2 properly, I
      think it is pretty useless). In the end it needed some fiddling in
      lilo.conf (of all places!) and then it worked.

      Now I am having problems with the mouse. Without a mouse, the
      built-in rubber "joystick" (in the middle of the keyboard) worked
      well. After adding a ps/2 wheelmouse, it was possible to use the
      mouse, but not the mouse-wheel. I manually had to change the mouse
      settings in /etc/X11/XF86config to dev/psaux and imps/2 and
      ZAxisMapping 4 5 (sax2 was useless for this as well). Now I can use
      the wheelmouse properly, and the rubber "joystick" at the same time.
      The problem is now that if I unplug the mouse, the rubber "joystick"
      no longer is usable (erratic behaviour), even after restart.

      Does anybody know how I can set things up so that I can use the
      wheelmouse, but also the rubber "joystick" when the mouse is
      unplugged, without changing the mouse settings? Can anybody tell me
      how the rubber "joystick" is set up anyway: is it serial, ps/2 or

      Theo Schmidt