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368Re: Suse Linux 8.0 on an Acer TravleMate 620 series

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  • yomen0208
    Aug 16, 2002
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      just to make sure you realize this, al this does is disable it, if
      you want to fix the problem here are the sreps(on my dell i8k2 w/
      suse 8.0):
      -make sure that PCMCIA is stopped by typing in the command(all this
      as root or sued in as root) "rcpcmcia stop"
      -then edit the file "/etc/sysconfig/pcmcia"
      look for PCMCIA_SYSTEM="kernel" and you want to change the kernel
      part to external, then look for PCMCIA_CORE_OPTS="" and change that
      to PCMCIA_OPTS="probe_io=0"
      -now save and close the file
      -now rune "rcpcmcia start" and never have to type NOPCMCIA=yes

      hope that helps and works right if not let us know and we'll work on


      --- In linuxonlaptop@y..., Akkana <akkana@s...> wrote:
      > > "Maurice Kevenaar" <m.kevenaar@p...> wrote:
      > > > Don't get into YaST2, The startup screen stops at "Activating
      > > PCMCIA Devices ......"
      > yomen0208 writes:
      > > at the command before it starts booting, type "linux
      > THANK YOU! I was having the same problem since upgrading to Redhat
      > 7.3 on my Vaio (previously 7.1, which didn't have this problem).
      > I added the line:
      > append="NOPCMCIA=yes"
      > to the kernel image in /etc/lilo.conf, reran lilo and my PCMCIA is
      > happy again.
      > ...Akkana
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