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368Re: Suse Linux 8.0 on an Acer TravleMate 620 series

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  • yomen0208
    Aug 16, 2002
      just to make sure you realize this, al this does is disable it, if
      you want to fix the problem here are the sreps(on my dell i8k2 w/
      suse 8.0):
      -make sure that PCMCIA is stopped by typing in the command(all this
      as root or sued in as root) "rcpcmcia stop"
      -then edit the file "/etc/sysconfig/pcmcia"
      look for PCMCIA_SYSTEM="kernel" and you want to change the kernel
      part to external, then look for PCMCIA_CORE_OPTS="" and change that
      to PCMCIA_OPTS="probe_io=0"
      -now save and close the file
      -now rune "rcpcmcia start" and never have to type NOPCMCIA=yes

      hope that helps and works right if not let us know and we'll work on


      --- In linuxonlaptop@y..., Akkana <akkana@s...> wrote:
      > > "Maurice Kevenaar" <m.kevenaar@p...> wrote:
      > > > Don't get into YaST2, The startup screen stops at "Activating
      > > PCMCIA Devices ......"
      > yomen0208 writes:
      > > at the command before it starts booting, type "linux
      > THANK YOU! I was having the same problem since upgrading to Redhat
      > 7.3 on my Vaio (previously 7.1, which didn't have this problem).
      > I added the line:
      > append="NOPCMCIA=yes"
      > to the kernel image in /etc/lilo.conf, reran lilo and my PCMCIA is
      > happy again.
      > ...Akkana
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