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Re: [linuxham] Perl Module Ham::Device::FT950

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  • w1hkj
    ... Interesting code Tim. Dave
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2009
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      Tim Gimmel wrote:
      > I have uploaded a new Perl module Ham::Device::FT950 which is a set of
      > functions to communicate with a FT-950 using Perl. Not all the CAT
      > commands have been implemented, just a core set of commands. I have
      > spent the Holidays making it object oriented. It is available at
      > http://search.cpan.org/~TGIMMEL/Ham-Device-FT950. Tonight it shows
      > version 0.29.3, but the current version of 0.29.4 and should show up
      > soon. Send email and I can send a copy. I will try to upload the the
      > groups(FT-950) file section.
      > Included is a test program pRigctl.plx that can be used to control the
      > radio. It is very primitive, so please be aware. I welcome bug
      > reports and diffs!
      > Happy New Year!
      > Tim
      > KY4j
      Interesting code Tim.

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