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Re: [linuxham] New jpskmail client for windows and linux adds HF APRS and ARQ capability to Fldigi.

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  • Rick W
    One of the things that interested me the most about PSKmail, when it first came out in Linux, was the capability to do peer to peer client connections. At
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 21, 2009
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      One of the things that interested me the most about PSKmail, when it
      first came out in Linux, was the capability to do peer to peer client
      connections. At least it was my understanding that it could do that
      function. Is this not yet available in the 0.3 beta, but will be at some
      time in the future?

      Although I suspect that future sound card e-mail here in the U.S. will
      primarily be routed through Winlink 2000, assuming that WINMOR works at
      least half as well as it appears to be designed, there are two things
      that it probably will lack (by design):

      - the ability to set up a server on an ad hoc basis, such as may be
      needed to provide emergency communications on short notice, at a
      specific routing location.

      - the ability to do peer to peer connections.

      I seem to be in the extreme minority, but I honestly consider those two
      features to be absolutely necessary for public service communications.
      If I have an event or even an emergency situation and need to make a
      connection to "x" location, and they can set up an ad hoc server, I can
      then route traffic to them or through them as needed. And if that is not
      possible, if I can at least do a peer to peer connection, then I can get
      the traffic through.

      This design would give the ham community a "super packet" link, and
      would work on HF SSB or VHF SSB or probably FM as well, giving us a
      practical solution that has eluded us for many years.


      Rick, KV9U

      Rein Couperus wrote:
      > Here is a new and very much improved version of the java pskmail client
      > The client was completely rewritten in java in a team effort by SM0RWO and PA0R.
      > PSKmail adds APRS and ARQ capability to Fldigi 3.10, and uses several digital modes
      > depending on band conditions: PSK63, PSK125, PSK250, THOR22, MFSK64.
      > Default mode is PSK250, ARQ mode decreases speed by some 15%. PSKmail uses
      > adaptive block size control to use the channel efficiently. The software is open source.
      > This client has been tested under linux and windows using java 1.6.
      > Almost all the functions available in the original Linux version are
      > now in there. But, just to keep us busy for a while longer
      > a few things are missing:
      > * Compressed transfer of email
      > * reception of AIC Fleet codes (pskmail FEC format)
      > * File upload
      > However, all the rest is in there:.
      > APRS functions (unconnected):
      > Send APRS Posit
      > Send APRS message
      > Send APRS email
      > Send Ping to servers
      > Send Link packet to server
      > Receive APRS message
      > Receive short email on APRS
      > Set APRS Icon
      > Set Beacon Period (10, 30, 60 mins)
      > Set APRS status message
      > GPS connection (RS232 and USB)
      > Show position, course and speed
      > Bulletin receive
      > Receive weather (or other) bulletins automatically and store them.
      > Email and web functions (ARQ connected mode):
      > Upload of user email settings to a server
      > Create new emails and send them
      > List, read and delete emails at your regular email account
      > List, read and delete emails locally at the server
      > List file area on the server
      > Download files from the server to the client
      > Read files on the client
      > Update files on the client (download)
      > Telnet agent to connect to your packet mailbox via HF.
      > Fetch any web page (text only)
      > Fetch packaged information from the web:
      > Nearest Tide Reference Harbors (based on GPS position)
      > Tidal information for your reference harbor
      > List of APRS stations near you
      > List of APRS messages to you (from findu.com)
      > Get parking sites for RV near you (EU only)
      > Get frequency/mode schedule for list of pskmail servers
      > The archive contains a quick start guide/brief manual describing how to
      > operate the client:
      > http://hermes.esrac.ele.tue.nl/pskmail/jPSKmail-0.3-quick-start.pdf
      > Download is now at::
      > http://hermes.esrac.ele.tue.nl/pskmail/jpskmail_0_3.zip
      > http://sharon.esrac.ele.tue.nl/pub/linux/ham/pskmail/jpskmail_0_3.zip
      > Installation in windows XP:
      > * install fldigi 3.10, get it running (http://www.w1hkj.com)
      > * unzip the pskmail_0_3.zip archive, enter the new directory, double
      > click the program icon (javapskmail.jar).
      > * done.
      > Beta testers are encouraged to report their impressions and suggestions
      > so that we can continue to improve the client.
      > For an idea what to do with this software, have a look at:
      > http://www.positionsreport.de/php/enterTrack.php?callSign=C56DL
      > 73,
      > Rein PA0R, Per SM0RWO
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