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Re: [linuxham] Fldigi 2.10.3, Ubuntu 8.04, 706MkIIG - Mic Input Problems, HAMLib PTT Error & Waterfall Problems

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  • Stelios Bounanos
    ... I have two Live! cards here. One is an older model with the emu10k1 processor. It has a stupefying number of mixer controls. lcpci output: 03:0b.0
    Message 1 of 6 , May 27, 2008
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      >>>>> On Mon, 26 May 2008 19:49:25 -0700, "Mark Schoonover" <ka6wke@...> said:

      > I tried another soundcard, and I can receive signals now! Bummer that
      > the C-Media mic input doesn't work. I couldn't get the line in to work
      > either. Problem with my other soundcard where the mic works is that's
      > it's a SB Live! card, and only has digital audio outputs. Sounds great
      > playing music, but won't interface directly with the rig.

      I have two Live! cards here. One is an older model with the emu10k1
      processor. It has a stupefying number of mixer controls. lcpci output:

      03:0b.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 08)

      The other is a slightly newer model with the ca0106 chip. It is much
      simpler but there is a special toggle to enable analog inputs and
      outputs. Its volume controls are a bit unusual but workable. Listed as:

      03:0a.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Audigy LS

      They both work fine with fldigi, as does the AC97 codec built into the
      (noisy) ICH5 southbridge on this machine. The ALSA wiki has some very
      useful setup info.

      > I'm still having issues with the waterfall display being all white.
      > I've tried different color configurations, but no luck. Any ideas for
      > this one? My video card is an older Matrox G450 dual head display.

      I used to have such a setup on one of my lab machines. Fldigi worked
      without problems, at least on the first screen; not sure if I ever moved
      its window to the other monitor. Fldigi doesn't use X11 features like
      GLX and XVideo, which don't always work on the secondary screens in some
      xinerama implementations.

      I think you've already tried this but just to be sure; does the white
      background change if you select a different palette in the W-fall ->
      Filters/Colors config tab? That is, one that doesn't have white at all,
      such as gmfsk.pal or digipan.pal?

      Does the diamond-shaped indicator think it's getting too little or too
      much signal? Quoting from the manual:

      "Receive audio level should be adjusted so that the overload indicator
      to the left of the AFC button does not illuminate red. When observing
      the received signals on the oscilloscope view you should expect that
      they do not exceed a peak-to-peak amplitude of 3/4 of the full display

      Do the "Upper signal limit in dB" and "Signal range in dB" controls,
      which are next to the frequency control at the bottom of the waterfall,
      have sensible values, e.g. something like -10 and 50? (See "Operating
      Controls & Displays" in the manual).

      If the waterfall is still always the same color there might be some
      X11/video card problem. In this case I would also expect the scope
      widget to behave the same. Does it show green random phase vectors in
      PSK modes when unsquelched and decoding noise?

      Stelios, M0GLD.
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