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Re: [linuxham] Re: IC-7410 and Ubuntu

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  • Ernest Wagner
    Peter, You indicate that The audio is working through the USB cable... I noticed that set mode 45 switches the USB connector between CI-V commands and RTTY
    Message 1 of 20 , Jun 19, 2013
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      You indicate that "The audio is working through the  USB cable..."  I noticed that set mode 45 switches the USB connector between CI-V commands and RTTY decode.  The Windows driver purchased from icom might provide this capability automatically on Windows. On Linux, It may be necessary to run a separate audio cable from the ACC connector to the audio input/output of the PC and set mode 45 to CI-V.

      As the IC746Pro does not have a USB connector I had to use the audio from the ACC connector.

      Ernie D  AA1AD

      On Wed, 2013-06-19 at 12:15 +0000, ve3pcd wrote:

      I have used this rig and computer configuration before using Windows and HRD and it worked, also I did not install the CP210x driver on Ubuntu as I did in Windows. The audio is working through the USB cable as I see the waterfall and can decode cw but still unable to control the rig.


      --- In linuxham@yahoogroups.com, Ernest Wagner <wagnered@...> wrote:
      > Peter,
      > Have you used this CP210x device in Windows, with the IC7410 because It
      > appears that the CP210x device might be conforming to RS232/RS422/RS485
      > specs. The IC7410 as do most Icoms use ICOM's proprietary
      > Communications Interface-V (CI-V) which is TTL.
      > I bought an off-the-shelf usb-to-uart converter, then found instructions
      > to build an rs232 to TTL (CI-V) circuit on the internet to communicate
      > with my IC746 Pro.
      > Also, If your device does convert to TTL, you might install flrig to
      > have some debugging ability. flrig provides a display of sent commands
      > and the radio's response, if any.
      > The commands of the IC7410 for setting mode and frequency are the same
      > as those for the IC746 and may help you get the system working. Other
      > commands probably also correspond. I think I read somewhere that the
      > IC7410 is the replacement for the IC746PRO, but I may remember
      > incorrectly. I'm pretty sure that all similar functions will have the
      > same command.
      > FLrig also provides a means of manually entering a command string and
      > issuing it to the radio.
      > You can get by with setting the transceiver to IC746PRO and the CI-V
      > address to 0x80 which is the default address of the IC7410. Set the port
      > to /dev/ttyUSB0 then init the app. If it doesn't revert back to "NONE",
      > it means that flrig is communicating with the usb to uart device. If you
      > get no answer from the radio, it could be speed mismatch or excessive
      > noise getting into the serial line. Or it could be incorrect level
      > translation.
      > I also suggest reducing the communication speed to 4800 or 9600 until
      > you can get consistent communications with the radio, then up the speed
      > to 19200.
      > I prefer using flrig to control the radio and fldigi to interact with
      > the radio via flrig using xml-rpc.
      > 73, Ernie D
      > AA1AD
      > On Tue, 2013-06-18 at 20:56 +0000, ve3pcd wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Hello...I am new to this group hope I can get some help with my first
      > > post.
      > >
      > > I have decided to go with FLdigi on my Ubuntu 13.04 install, the
      > > problem is I just can't seem to get fldigi to work with my ic-7410
      > > radio using the direct USB cable. Do I need the CP210x USB driver and
      > > where can I find that for ubuntu?. If any can provide instructions on
      > > how to setup the ic-7410 in fldigi would be very appreciated.
      > >
      > > 73
      > > Peter
      > > VE3PCD
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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