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Re: [linuxham] ubuntu 13.04 and fldigi/flrig

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  • Bill Turner, WB4ALM
    ... Dave, I was able to successfully compile 3.21.72, but... I COULD NOT DO sudo apt-get build-dep fldigi as they did not seem to be a way around the
    Message 1 of 4 , May 19, 2013
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      build from source Bill. the instructions for Ubuntu are on the fldigi wiki.


      Dave, I was able to successfully compile 3.21.72, but...

      I COULD NOT DO  "sudo apt-get build-dep fldigi"
      as they did not seem to be a way around the following messages
         Note, selecting 'libpng12-dev' instead of 'libpng-dev'
         The following packages have unmet dependencies:
            portaudio19-dev : Depends: libjack-dev
         E: Build-dependencies for fldigi could not be satisfied.
      - - - - - -
      there were other messages as well about broken packages involving portaudio19
      but removal and re-installation did not change anything.

      It's a good thing that you have the "./configure" command.

      I don't know if this is standard practice in a unix/Linux environment but with it and about 3 hours of "spare" time I was able to add all of the necessary dependent packages to allow the compile to occur. 

      Apparently Ubuntu 13.04, in it's finest wisdom, has dumbified the system so much that a compiler wasn't available.

      The list of packages that I had to install (many of which caused many other packages to be installed as well) were:



      some packages for fltk 1.3 were already partially installed but I had to add the "-dev" package
      libpng (libpng12) was partially installed but had to add the "-dev" package
      libsamplerate0-dev had to be added

      at that point, the three simple commands

      1)  ./configure
      2.)  make
      3.)  sudo make install

      did the job!!!

      Thanks to you and all of the other developers...
      ...I am now up on fldigi 3.21.72  with flrig  and my signalink USB controlling my icom IC-7000.

      Furthermore, my system is now handling a number of other "normal" audio signals without interference
      to, or from, the  fldigi/flrig/signalink USB setup. 

      (This includes webcasts, system sounds, phone calls, CD's, etc, that occur while I am "on-the-air")

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