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Re: Help w/video I give up! NOT that important!

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  • c6alk
    ... Thanks for the information on the latest version, good for me to know. He also released xTLF written in Perl, I tried working ... Well, your PERL knowledge
    Message 1 of 15 , Sep 26, 2007
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      Hi Ed:

      --- In linuxham@yahoogroups.com, Ed <autek@...> wrote:
      > Brian, welcome to the group. I will follow up on Dave's suggestion, you
      > need to use version 1.5 of xlog to be current. Google will find it for
      > you. What is sorely missing in Linux is contest logging software,
      > especially RTTY. Rein PA0R has made a good attempt with TLF, but sorely
      > needs updating.

      Thanks for the information on the latest version, good for me to know.

      He also released xTLF written in Perl, I tried working
      > on some contest modules, but my knowlege of Perl is pathetic at best.

      Well, your PERL knowledge still vastly exceeds mine I am sure! HI!

      > I used at one time the widget you wrote for writelog, but dropped
      > writelog as I didn't feel like paying for bug fixes in software that
      > really needs to be retired.

      Yes, I have seen a lot of folks having trouble, and little help from
      the author I am afraid, not like the support that Dave gives for his
      free product. ;)

      It would be a daunting task to develop a LINUX contest logging progem
      on the scale of N1MM Logger, WRITELOG etc. I did write and support an
      application called QRPDUPE for several years in the late 90's and
      early 2000's. It was written in VB and had a lot of users. It was
      developed for QRP type contests, as at the time, no exisiting logging
      software covered those events. Eventually, they did cover the QRP
      contests, so I slowly eased off adding features and new contests,
      although I know tha there are still some users after all of these
      years. I have thought that porting the VB code over to C++ for use in
      LINUX might be doable, but again, a rather daunting task.

      I still support K7RE RTTY, and add on for the N3FJP contest loggers,
      enabling them to do RTTY. It uses DDE to comunicate with several N3FJP
      programs. All N3FJP software is wrtitten in VB for Windows, no plans
      at all for any LINUX versions. At N3FJP's insistance K7RERRTTY is not
      a free program, but QRPDUPE always has been. Anything that I would do
      for LINUX would of course follow the GNU free philosophy.

      At this point, I will be taking long looks at XLOG and see how it
      performs for my particular use. Who knows, I may just try and tackle
      some future contest logger, if there is a need to expand upon the
      exisiting available LINUX based programs. Having the source for
      QRPDUPE would at least get me started.

      Brian K7RE
      > Ed W3NR
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