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Re: Must read for CQRlog users!!

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  • on4aa
    Quote from cqrlog.com: I m sorry but for the mean time, only Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian Unstable are officially supportted. For older Ubuntu version you can try
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      Quote from cqrlog.com:

      I'm sorry but for the mean time, only Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian Unstable are officially supportted. For older Ubuntu version you can try debs for Precise but no guaranties. If it won't work, please use cqrlog binaries.

      I'm very sorry, but for now, I'm not able to support all older releases. I'll try to force lauchpad to build cqrlog for older Ubuntu but not sure if it will be possible.

      It is a good thing that Debian being the root distro of both Ubuntu and Linux Mint remains to be supported.

      73 de Serge, ON4AA

      --- In linuxham@yahoogroups.com, "ThomasA" <k8wdx@...> wrote:
      > My name is Tom, Call K8WDX, I spent about 2 hours chatting with Peter OK2CQR Sunday
      > evening about CQRlog and the number of problems that have risen recently, It started out with
      > a problem that I was having that we never addressed. Peter and I discussed the issues in general
      > and I made some suggestions that he is going to implement immediately. Peter is worried about
      > user's of CQRlog being upset over this change, but as I discussed with him that this is the best thing
      > for Peter, his family, CQRlog and the users, for this reason these changes must take place. First I will
      > discuss the problem, then will tell everyone the solution.
      > The problem is that with Linux there are so many distros, and versions of distros, for this reason
      > Peter has 6 virtual boxes going, with different distros running, most of the time when a problem
      > gets fixed there then it is broke here, then fix here and it is broke somewhere else, it is a huge issue.
      > Peter spends a huge amount of time answering emails and forum requests, all in his spare time.
      > Not to mention fixing or trying to fix the issues. As the user base increases these problems will
      > increase and more time will be required to fix rather than improve what I consider to be the best
      > logger program out there.
      > I have to admit I am one of those that want to try the newest distro, and this is also one of the
      > problems. Some want the new, some keep the old, every 6 months when a new distro comes out
      > Peter is faced with a whole bunch of problems, think about it Ubuntu now, then Mint, and all
      > the others, it creates a bunch of problems. All the time, and right when he works through them
      > guess what another 6 months have gone by and we start all over again. This is the one thing
      > about Linux that can be a problem and in this case it is a huge problem.
      > This takes away from his family time and his operating time, mostly from his family time. This is
      > not right. As I discussed with him that his family is way more important than anything else. He has
      > a beautiful wife and great kids that require his attention. He has a great love for the Ham Radio
      > Hobby as well as CQRlog and HamQTH. All these problems are making him frustrated and sad.
      > This is not fair to Peter and most of all his family and those great kids that he has, not to mention
      > his wife.
      > Here is what I recommended to Peter and he agreed 100%. He is worried that some users will be
      > upset, but as I told him, for his sanity and for the future of CQRlog he must do this.
      > As of Sunday 5/6/2012 the only distro that will be supported by CQRlog will be Linux Ubuntu
      > 12.04 LTS, the next supported versions will be Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, as Peter updates his system
      > this will change the supported version. This must be done. This will free up time for Peter to
      > improve CQRlog and make it better rather that spend a majority of the time fixing stuff.
      > Peter and I hope everyone will understand. A few suggestions, set up a Shack only PC, or duel
      > boot your current PC. If you want support. If not you are on your own. I am in the same boat
      > as many of you, I like Mint, how ever I will no be using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in the shack. Until Peter
      > upgrades his PC. I hope all will understand and no be to upset over this change, we all hate change,
      > but for a better experience with CQRlog and new features, and faster bug fixes this is a necessary
      > change. Tom K8WDX
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