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flmsg version 1.1.14 posted

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  • w1hkj
    http://www.w1hkj.com Changes since version 1.1.13 are significant. The user interface has changed from a tabbed metaphor to a pull down menu metaphor. This
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      Changes since version 1.1.13 are significant.  The user interface has changed from a tabbed metaphor to a pull down menu metaphor.  This makes the main dialog less busy and provides more room for controls.  New Red Cross forms added.  Control fields added to the flmsg datagram to allow tracking who originates, modifies and transmits the form.  These are not added to the MARS forms.

      The on-line help has been updated to 1.1.14.  Make sure that you refresh your browser the first time you access the on-line help as your browser may bring up a locally saved page.

      73, Dave, W1HKJ

      List of changes from Version 1.1.13 to 1.1.14

      Version 1.1.14 - Maintenance release

        Radiogram edits
          * Force message ck when exporting to wrapped file or sending autofile
          * Force TIME format in message to be either HHMML or HHMMZ
            depending on configuration specifying local or GMT.
          * Added control fields to radiogram datagram

        Text Edit
          * handle_key_bindings - add test for NULL struct
          * handle CAPS_LOCK event

        Check my_call
          * check for my_call entry not empty.

        Widget size corrections
          * ICS205a
          * Red Cross Safe & Welfare

          * Fix for compiling against FLTK-1.1.10

        Cast fix
          * 64 bit compiler refuses to allow cast of (void *) to (int)

        Control fields
          * added control fields to wrapped / transferred messages
            <origin>{station originating message [datetime]}
            <modby>{stations modify message [datetime]}
            <sender>de {station transmitting message [datetime]}
          * datetime in YYYYMMDDHHMMZ format
          * added striplf function to remove trailing linefeed from stored text
          * corrected UI positioning / sizes in various forms

        Personal data
          * created separate configuration dialog for personal data
          * removed from Radiogram configuration dialog

        MARS Army msg
          * added MSG NBR field to form
          * suppress INFO field on html/text reports if empty

        REDX 5739A-B
          * Added Red Cross forms 5739A and 5739B

        Default folders
          * Modified default folder behavior for Save and Save As
          * Modified debug save method

        Red Cross 5739
          * Added support for the Red Cross Form 5739
            On-site detailed damage assessment worksheet

        Menu Paradigm
          * Changed from Tab manager to Menu manager for form selection
          * Added Operational Period To field in ICS205
          * Corrected :dt1: / :dt2: swapping when saving ICS205
          * Increased radiogram html CHK field width to 10%
          * Corrected tooltips on radiogram fields
          * Added drag-n-drop panel and oval target on main display

          * Changed desktop name in flsmg.desktop

        Event Log
          * enable event log
          * add CRC checksum events

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