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Re: [linuxham] CQRLOG 1.0.0~rc1 released

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  • david.toombs
    Just tried that, however the IC-746.xml file doent work with my rig ? -- 73 s, Dave - G8FXM
    Message 1 of 10 , May 25, 2011
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      Just tried that, however the IC-746.xml file doent work with my rig ?



      Dave - G8FXM


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      On 25/05/11 04:10, w1hkj wrote:
      What web browser are you using Rich?

      It's pretty simple using most of the browsers that run on Linux.  Simply got to this page


      Click on the link to "xml archives"  about 1/2 down the page on the left

      When the new page opens simply click on the transceiver of interest and the browser will download the xml file.   Depending on the browser you might want to right click on the transceiver and select from the popup menu "Save As".  The default location for storing the xml files on Linux is the directory


      Most of this is described in the on-line help.  It sounds like you need to get a Linux elmer who is local to you.


      Richard Dowty wrote:

      Thanks for your reply Dave:
      I am just not able to download because the lack of knowledge of knowing how to download from a webpage. Sorry Dave. Maybe someday I can find someone local here to teach me.

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