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Re: [linuxham] Re: LOTW and other questions

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  • Bob Nielsen
    Terry, If you use one of the package tools to install trustedqsl as I said in my previous message, the process will install any needed dependencies.
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 31, 2007
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      If you use one of the package tools to install trustedqsl as I said
      in my previous message, the process will install any needed
      dependencies. Downloading the packages and installing by hand should
      best be left until you are a bit more familiar with Ubuntu.

      73, Bob

      On Mar 31, 2007, at 1:27 PM, t_ashland wrote:

      > Bob and all,
      > I have found this site:
      > http://packages.debian.org/cgi-bin/download.pl?arch=i386&file=pool%
      > 2Fmain%2Ft%2Ftrustedqsl%
      > 2Ftrustedqsl_1.11-1_i386.deb&md5sum=549d9d19e9549defa278b8c2a3c47091&a
      > rch=i386&type=main
      > It downloads fine, but when the installer runs, I get a message about
      > libwxgtk2.4 does not satisfy requirments? (or something to that
      > affect). The file downloaded was trustedqsl_1.11-1_i386.deb.
      > I think we are getting close!
      > 73,
      > Terry, WK0F
      > --- In linuxham@yahoogroups.com, "t_ashland" <t_ashland@...> wrote:
      >> Found it in software sources. It was enabled already. Which tqsl
      >> file do I download?
      >> --- In linuxham@yahoogroups.com, "t_ashland" <t_ashland@> wrote:
      >>> Bob,
      >>> Please forgive my ignorance... how do you enable the universe
      >>> archive
      >>> for Ubuntu? I assume its in the add/remove window? Is this a tool
      >>> that lets me work with .rpm files?
      >>> Thanks for all the help!
      >>> Terry
      >>> p.s. I have been playing with Xlog, but I need to dig into a little
      >>> deeper I guess.
      >>> --- In linuxham@yahoogroups.com, Bob Nielsen <nielsen@> wrote:
      >>>> You probably need to install the "build-essential" Ubuntu
      > package to
      >>>> get the tools needed to compile, but for LOTW a LOTW package
      > already
      >>>> exists. Enable the "universe" archive for Ubuntu and install the
      >>>> "trustedqsl" package, which contains both tqsl and tqslcert.
      >>>> I use both TLF and Xlog for logging. Xlog allows importing of
      > ADIF
      >>>> files produced by other logging programs. I upload my logs to
      > LOTW
      >>>> and use its database to track DXCC status (I finally broke the 300
      >>>> barrier recently). Your current LOTW data can even be downloaded
      >> and
      >>>> imported into Xlog.
      >>>> 73,
      >>>> Bob, N7XY
      >>>> On Mar 31, 2007, at 10:33 AM, t_ashland wrote:
      >>>>> Hi,
      >>>>> I'm new to the group and have fldigi working well with hamlib. I
      >>>>> haven't figured out how to get cwdaemon running with it though.
      >> I am
      >>>>> using Ubuntu 6.10 and the latest version of fldigi. In order
      > to run
      >>>>> cwdaemon from the terminal it requires administrative rights. I
      >> sudo
      >>>>> to root and nothing works. I have my cable connected to the
      >> parallel
      >>>>> port of my laptop. Any ideas would be appreciated. Does fldigi
      >>>>> support cw transmitting? It does fantastic with cw receive!
      >>>>> Onto LOTW, I only have a few things I need in order to complete my
      >>>>> migration from Windows to Ubuntu and one of them is LOTW. Anybody
      >>>>> have any luck getting that to work? I have downloaded the
      > file, and
      >>>>> have tried compiling it. I get an error about not being able
      > to run
      >>>>> the compiler. Any ideas on this would be appreciated.
      >>>>> One more thing, I have used some good Windows logging software and
      >>>>> would like something to help me track my DXCC. I am prepared to
      >>>>> create some sort of database to track this, but was wondering
      > if any
      >>>>> of the linux based logging software that you are aware of does
      > this
      >>>>> and have you had any problem installing it?
      >>>>> Thanks for all your help and look forward to any replies!
      >>>>> 73,
      >>>>> Terry, WK0F
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