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Re: [linuxham] Off-topic: ROS developers and users not following the gentleman's agreement for bandplans?

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  • VA7OTC JD Erskine
    On 28/Nov/10 16:31, David A. Ranch wrote: Dear David, ... I agree, it is an interesting read. ... Actually it doesn t come from the WINMOR beta testing
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 28, 2010
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      On 28/Nov/10 16:31, David A. Ranch wrote:

      Dear David,

      > I thought this was an interesting read.

      I agree, it is an interesting read.

      > This comes from the WinMor
      > Soft-TNC email list ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WINMOR/ ) . They
      > working on a free PACTOR-like HF digital mode initially targeted for
      > Winlink 2000 email services:

      Actually it doesn't come from the WINMOR beta testing group/list, nor
      does it have anything to do with Winlink2000.

      It comes from the blog with the referenced URI. The blog entry is made
      by someone I consider quite level headed, inquisitive technically &
      operationally and well written (he, in general, and the blog entry as well).

      Reading only Juilian's entry, as all may (at the URI below) I too am
      somewhat concerned that such a wide signal as ROS may be now configured
      for what so far seems like hardened use. How it is applied is dependent
      on how human operators use it. I will need to read more about what ROS
      is, how it is used and allowed, and lastly how it's use is perceived,
      before I make any personal judgment.

      > http://www.amateurradio.com/jam-tomorrow/

      Quoting Juilian's entry in the general amateur radio blog

      > ". . .
      > Perhaps an inkling of what may be going to happen can be drawn from some
      > of the comments relating to the performance of the anti-jam switch, for
      > example:
      > * "The New ROS/2000 passed the test successfully during the CW
      > Contest last weekend."
      > * "More test with the New ROS/2000 in other hostile environment.
      > This time during a PSK63 Contest on Sunday."
      > . . ."

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      73, John
      J.D. Erskine
      Victoria, BC
      CN88hk NA036
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