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Re: [linuxham] Linux Winmor protocol driver

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  • hteller
    I guess the complaint is that Visual Basic is platform-dependent. However, it is no longer proprietary . Skip KH6TY ... -- Sent from my Raspberry
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 24, 2010
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      I guess the complaint is that Visual Basic is platform-dependent. However, it is no longer "proprietary".

      Skip KH6TY

      On 7/24/2010 8:24 PM, hteller wrote:
      Isn't Visual Basic free now?

      73, Skip KH6TY

      On 7/24/2010 7:22 PM, David A. Ranch wrote:

      I've been watching the WinMOR TNC effort as well because I'd love to
      have an alternative to Packet on HF (it just doesn't work very well). I
      just signed up to the WinMOR Yahoo group and in doing a search, I think
      I found a potentially "big nail" in the Linux coffin: VisualBasic! I
      just don't understand why people write things in proprietary languages

      Dec 27. 2009
      RMS Express and WINMOR TNC are both coded in VB.NET 2008 and run under .NET
      3.5. Some of the modules used (e.g. Viterbi Encoder/decoder and a
      Reed-Solomon Encoder Decoder were converted from their original C to VB.NET
      which allows running everything under .NET managed code. Analysis showed
      there was no significant performance difference between the C and VB.NET
      versions of CPU intensive modules like the Viterbi Decoder.
      After the protocol is fully debugged and optimized there may be an effort to
      provide an equivalent WINMOR TNC (virtual TNC) for the Linux OS but no
      decision or timetable has been made on that.

      Now with all that said, it's been a LONG time since I looked into the
      Linux "Mono" project and it seems they've added VisualBasic8 & .NET
      support. It seems the .Net support has most aspects of v3.5
      incorporated now so things might just work now! I'll have to give that
      a try:



      ke7kro wrote:
      > Does anyone know of a project that is dealing with a native Linux driver implementing the Winmor protocol?
      > I've done due diligence googling the morning away & come up with nada.
      > /Basil KE7KRO

      Sent from my Raspberry

      Sent from my Raspberry
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