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22760Re: [linuxham] Fldigi and CW

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  • Ed
    Nov 21, 2013
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      On 21 Nov 2013 15:47:04 -0800
      <k8wdx@...> wrote:

      > Ok the contest this weekend is on, here is the question, Using Fldigi
      > to copy the code works ok, but what about transmit? If you use a
      > sound card wont the band width be a bit wider than a keyer? Just a
      > thought, I am not going to use Fldigi to transmit, but the topic came
      > up on the local repeater about using a sound card to transmit CW. If
      > you do use Fldigi to transmit CW could this be a problem, and is
      > there a better way to use Fldigi to transmit CW rather than say a USB
      > signalink? Thanks Tom K8WDX

      CW is sent from fldigi as about as good as it gets. No, it will not be
      wider than a keyer. You really need to read the help file as it relates
      to CW.

      I would trust 100% anything I heard on a repeater. If you heard it on a
      repeater than its the absolute best info you can get. Wonder how many
      of the repeater users have ever seen a key, let alone do any CW.

      Ed W3NR

      cu u in the cqww if you can figure out how to setup fldigi.
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