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22741Re: [linuxham] SCS PTC - kptc?

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  • Marc Coevoet
    Nov 18, 2013
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      op 18-11-13 18:25, k7tmg@... schreef:
      > Has anyone managed to compile kptc on a recent version of Ubuntu?
      > http://kptc.sourceforge.net/
      > I can't resolve the QT>3.03 error no matter what I try.
      > 73

      Problem could be: no more support for current QT?
      qt4 or qt5, no more qt3 or you should find it on a site with older src,
      or older linux versions, take one from 2004/2005 ?)

      (and I don't find the src under the dowload button ...

      try this:

      hamfax (in synaptic/ubuntu 13.04 or earlier..)

      Receive/send radio facsimile transmissions with Soundcard/PTC-II

      With this package you can send or receive radio facsimile transmissions
      using either a Linux-supported soundcard or an SCS PTC-II data controller.

      Radio facsimile transmission are used most commonly by meteorological
      bureaus to provide weather maps to aircraft and shipping.

      The "Penguin" has arrived - and he's not going away - ever.
      What's on Shortwave guide: choose an hour, go!
      http://shortwave dot tk
      700+ Radio Stations on SW http://swstations dot tk
      300+ languages on SW http://radiolanguages dot tk
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