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Re: [linuxham] RE: TS590 usb audio codec not working on ubuntu 13.04

  • Ed
    Nov 17, 2013 Expand Messages
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      On 17 Nov 2013 07:37:45 -0800
      <f5owl@...> wrote:

      > Even with output sliders to 100% in pavucontrol the volume is still
      > to low... I ear a very low sound using Tx monitor.
      > With the gnome volume control, Yesterday I was able to have some
      > power out by using the "speaker test" button. And my ear blasted
      > while I was using headphones to monitor audio with Tx monitor.
      > But I can't reproduce that today (?)
      > In the fldigi sound card devices tab, the codec sometimes disappear
      > in the PortAudio Combo box.
      > I suspect the usb audio is not well handled by my kernel.

      Please use Pulse and not Port, and pavucontrol is the mixer for Pulse
      and not Port.

      Ed W3NR
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