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  • w1hkj
    Oct 30, 2013
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      Be sure to refresh your browser pages.

      Contains the following changes from version 3.21.76

      Version 3.21.77 - Maintenance release

      WF latency
      * Restore latency adjustment for WF display

      Load preferences
      * Changed get preferences string usage from
      get(const char * key,
      char *& text,
      const char * defval)
      get(const char * key,
      char * text,
      const char * defval,
      int max chars)
      * Suggested change from fldigi developer, Remi

      MFSK HF Long Modes
      * Added MFSK64L and MFSL128L new modes
      * 6.25 Second interleaver for very-robust HF reception
      * Assigned new RSIDs
      * Mode MFSK-64L : 1026
      * Mode MFSK-128L : 1029

      Waterfall race condition
      * Some methods in waterfall are being called
      before a modem has been instantiated. Possibly
      due to threads being assigned to separate cpu
      processors. This cannot happen on h/w with a
      single cpu thread implementation.

      Waterfall improvements
      * remove unnecessary code
      * remove latency processing
      * alter average processing

      fldigi.pot update
      * Added newinstall.cxx to POTFILES.in
      * Added new translation file de.po
      - thank you Marc Richter, DF2MR

      Fix test_process on MacOS

      Various speed-ups, fixes and cleanups
      * decay_avg
      * Member modem must be initialised.

      Multi-channel decode
      * Changed text and default value for disabling
      multi-channel decoding when no viewer is

      Cfft removal
      * removed source files for Cfft, the original fast fourier
      transform used in fldigi. Cfft has been replaced by
      g_fft, the fast fourier transform C++ template based on
      public domain code by
      John Green <green_jt@...>

      fft filter
      * Changed fftfilt implementation to use g_fft class vice
      Cfft class.
      * Removed multi-channel decoding when not visible or configured
      for decoding when not visible.

      rsid fft
      * Changed rsid fft from Cfft to g_fft

      WF fft
      * Changed Waterfall fft from Cfft to g_fft

      * Added new fft class template g_fft
      * Modified class complex to be based on std::complex
      - required changes in all modem implementations

      Wefax Config tab
      * Cosmetic changes

      Autostart programs
      * Add the ability to autostart various programs when fldigi is
      first started.

      * Bug: http://www.fltk.org/str.php?L2984
      - Avoid 'nitems' macro collision between FreeBSD's
      sys/params.h and fltk's FL/Fl_Check_Browser.H

      RsID Error Control
      * Changed from slider to 3 position selector
      to avoid confusion among the users

      Macro tag Image
      * Added macro tag for sending image. Similar to <File:xxx>
      <IMAGE:[full pathname to image file]>
      A file finder will open for image file selection when the
      macro tag is selected from the pick list.

      MFSKpic improvements
      * Fine tuned MFSK pic decoding delays for various
      MFSK baud rates. MFSK pic now functional for
      - MFSK-16
      - MFSK-32
      - MFSK-64
      - MFSK-128
      * Corrected vertical displacement of Tx picture dialog
      * Added bandpass filtering to transmitted signal

      73, Dave, W1HKJ
      for the developers
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