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22520Re: [linuxham] flrig/CAT problem

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  • Ed
    Oct 30, 2013
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      On Wed, 30 Oct 2013 20:58:52 +0000
      william northcote <william.northcote@...> wrote:

      > Well I have had some success with flrig. It works nice when it wants
      > to. Problem is that it is a bit temperamental. Some times it works,
      > some times, not.
      > But the main issue is Fldigi. Again, sometime it will work, then not.
      > Mostly on the not work side of things. I did manage to get a PSK
      > signal using the 897 as a receiver and it did produce PSK. But to
      > then go to flrig, it just ceased to work. So after a log out and
      > back in I decided to try again. Nope. Still nothing. It seems that
      > flrig and fldigi do not like each other at this moment in time.
      > So, any ideas on how to get round this as I am following the rigcat
      > and I had some working points until it went south.
      > Will
      > 2E0WHN

      How did you install fldigi and flrig ???? Exactly .........

      In flrig Config > Xcvr select > Send Command

      The 2 diamonds lower right, top should be green and the bottom red, if
      all is working correctly and fldigi & flrig are taliking to each other.

      Ed W3NR
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