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20560Re: [linuxham] Fldigi feature request - Macro tag additions

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  • Bill Turner, WB4ALM
    Mar 10, 2013
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      On 03/10/2013 02:58 PM, w1hkj wrote:

      Hello Bill,

      We date from the same era.  I started programming military hardware in 1965.

      I started programming DEC 7's, IBM 7090, IBM 1401, IBM 1440, IBM 1620's all at the same time...
      ...along with a few wierd machines that used Mercury filled drums as an acoustical storage media
      If we have an on air QSO, don't bother telling the QSO #, it just goes into the bit bucket.  I currently have 2,437 digital QSOs in the logbook.  But it is only of passing interest to me.  I'm not fond of being told the current time of day in Lower Podunk, USA either.  But I know a lot of folks think it is an important part of the QSO. 
      Agreed, local time is only useful to "locals" --- I use Zulu because that is when the call was logged, and a few have included the contact number when QSL'ing. It did make it slightly easier to verify the QSL. - but in reality, the QSO number is just another form of a brag sheet.

      For the most part I would rather hear about your last long walk with your dog, or what movie you saw with your spouse or significant other.

      Boy, we DO date from the same era.  I like to see what the other guy has in his shack, but once I've seen that, it's much more fun to talk about other things.  (Especially since I saw the list in his previous QSO to someone else!)  Recently, I meet a gentleman on te air that lived one-house away from where I lived as a child in 1950.  It kind blew his mind when I asked if the railroad tracks were still near the "water plant".  You see, when I was about 9 or 10, they built a new disposal plant just down the road from where I lived, and while they were testing the plant, I was allowed access to see how it worked!!!  The testing engineers were amazed that a ten-year old could understand what they were talking about - and It was kinda neat to be treated as a "grown up"

      It also blew the mind of the ham I was talking to, while he thought about it for a moment or two!!!  (grin)

      That said, the answer is yes, the QSO record number can probably be added to the macro tags.  I'll put your request in the ham-do list :-)


      Digital keyboarding is and should be a lot more than just trading macros!

      and thanks for the feature consideration

      73's Bill Turner, wb4alm

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