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New version: Linux Forensics Introduction

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  • Barry J. Grundy
    Ladies and Gents, Apologies for the cross post. A new version of the Law Enforcement and Forensic Examiner s Introduction to Linux, A Beginner s Guide is now
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2007
      Ladies and Gents,

      Apologies for the cross post.

      A new version of the Law Enforcement and Forensic Examiner's
      Introduction to Linux, A Beginner's Guide is now available at its new


      Info from the changelog is posted below. Please direct any questions or
      correspondence to bgrundy@... Do not respond or reply to this

      Thanks to everyone who helped. And those who remained patient (delay
      after delay).


      >From the Change Log:

      Version 3.20
      -added compression on the fly exercise (for dd).
      -added dd over the wire (network acquisition).
      -added more detailed Sleuthkit section (commands)
      -added TSK NTFS exercises (ADS, deleted files,sorter)
      -added deleted file allocation determination and recovery exercise
      -removed support for Autopsy (I just don't use it anymore-I'll add it
      back if
      enough people request it).
      -added libewf section.
      -removed reference to NASA loopback (unsupported)
      -added SMART filtering section using NTFS (classroom exercise)
      -added SMART search section using EXT (classroom exercise).
      -added section on configuring Slackware if a 2.6 kernel version is used

      Version 2.55
      -added a changelog ;-)
      -Document is now Slackware centric
      -updated to Sleuthkit 2.0x (full disk images and split support)
      -updated to Autopsy 2.0x (for use with new TSK)
      -formatting changes for readability

      Special Agent Barry J. Grundy
      Resident Agent in Charge
      NASA Office of Inspector General
      Computer Crimes Division
      Eastern Region
      (301)286-3358 (w)
      (202)246-6497 (c)
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      authorized recipients. Recipients may only forward this information as
      authorized. This email may contain non-public information that is "Law
      Enforcement Sensitive," "Sensitive but Unclassified," or otherwise
      subject to the Privacy Act and/or legal and other applicable privileges
      that restrict release without appropriate legal authority and clearance.
      Accordingly, the use, dissemination, distribution or reproduction of
      this information to or by unauthorized or unintended recipients,
      including but not limited to non-NASA recipients, may be unlawful.
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