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The Penguin Sleuth is back!!!!!!

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  • Ernie Baca
    Hi All, I know that I have seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth. I have been going through some personal as well as work transitions. I am glad to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2006
      Hi All,

      I know that I have seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth.
      I have been going through some personal as well as work transitions.
      I am glad to say that I finally made it to Washington and am finally
      settling down. I am still very busy with my agencies transition and
      have been assigned some IT projects that keep me very busy just
      trying to learn the large scale IT industry.

      Now that I have settled, I have brainstormed the future of the
      Penguin Sleuth. As you all know that the Penguin Sleuth Kit was one
      of the first bootable forensics type CD's. The purpose of the
      project was to introduce Linux and new ideas to the forensics
      community. I see that the idea was well accepted and there have been
      a slew of linux forensics type bootable CD's since. I am proud to
      say that is what I had hoped for when I started the project. I have
      always said the more resources we have the better off we are. Many
      people and loyal followers of the Penguin Sleuth Kit have asked when
      I will be releasing a newer version of my bootable CD. I have
      pondered working on a newer version but came up with a better idea.

      The Penguin Sleuth Kit is about new ideas and innovative solutions.
      I have pondered on a very innovative solution that is not a bootable
      CD. I have decided to take the penguin sleuth in a different
      direction. I don't want to work on another Bootable CD that is just
      a re-hash of some of the wonderful work that has been done since the
      Penguin Sleuth CD first came out. Now I realize this new idea is not
      new but may be new to the forensics world. I know that I will have
      to defend as I did the Penguin Sleuth but it will be well worth it.
      It is a solution that is simple but powerful.

      Now be advised it is only an idea and the practicality needs to be
      tested. This is why I am asking for a few Beta Testers. I will
      probably require 3 since I don't have much bandwidth on my server. I
      am looking for the following qualifications:

      1. The person must be an advanced Linux user. Any familiarity with
      Gentoo Linux is a plus.
      2. Must have experience conducting forensics exams using Linux.
      3. Must have a high end Forensics computer for testing. 2ghz
      minimum with 1gb RAM minimum.
      4. Must be willing to download a 2 GB file occasionally.

      Liscensed user of SMART is a plus.

      If you are interested in being a part in a new and innovative idea
      that will of course be offered to the Open Source Community for free
      please email me with answers the following questions. I will be
      chossing the testers in the next few weeks.

      On another note I will be revising the Linux-Forensics.com site soon
      and hopfully bring it back to life. That project though will take
      back seat to the New Penguin Sleuth Kit!

      I apologize if I have not responed to emails, but it has been rough
      that last two years and has been a very hectic two years.

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