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Re: Have mails from Yahoo Groups become even uglier???

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  • thad_floryan
    ... Hi Pascal, Hmmm. That s not clear. But see below. ... Aha! That s good info. So what I posted was received by you in email without being mangled. ... I
    Message 1 of 15 , Jun 6, 2013
      --- In linux@yahoogroups.com, "Pascal" <pascal.bernhard@...> wrote:
      > --- In linux@yahoogroups.com, "thad_floryan" <thad@> wrote:
      > > [...[
      > > The only issue I see remaining is whether you're receiving
      > > correctly formatted articles such as for tables and similar.
      > > Let's run a test.
      > >
      > > 1111111111222222222233333333334
      > > 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890
      > > A B
      > >
      > > The "A" should be under "10" and the "B" under "39" which is how I
      > > [...]
      > This is getting hilarious, I just compared the different layouts
      > (Evolution mail client, web interface fixed width font, 'regular'
      > font)
      > Well, in Evolution the "A" is under "15" and "B" under "29", as it
      > is displayed while I'm writing this response in the web interface,
      > which does not use a fixed width font (Probably due to my Firefox
      > settings,

      Hi Pascal,

      Hmmm. That's not clear. But see below.

      > I do not like monospaced fonts outside of a text editor or
      > console). Having your message displayed in fixed width font,
      > everything is just fine: "A" under "10" and "B" under "39".

      Aha! That's good info. So what I posted was received by you in email
      without being mangled.

      > As I read your message in the web interface (I had already done so
      > once in Evolution) which is set not to use a fixed width font as
      > default, it was totally screwed up:
      > The first line (1111.....) was not indented, so it was moved to the
      > left. The "A" was accordingly under "11" whereas Yahoo put "B"
      > under "13".

      I put together a quickie PDF that illustrates Yahoo's problems. They
      just added a new bug where the poster's name is not shown; this is in
      addition to brain-damaged formatting issues.

      It's a 4-page, 740kB PDF with a brief description of the issues above
      each of the 4 screenshots and it can be downloaded/viewed from here:


      The name "YBMF" stands for "Yahoo Buggy Message Formatting" and not
      what you might think! :-) I wanted a short name to fit on one line
      for the URL so Yahoo wouldn't mangle that, too.

      > I will cope with it, luckily there aren't too many tables that get
      > posted to this list, they are painstakingly hard to read, but by
      > now I know to go the web interface and switch to fixed width font.

      That's good to hear. It's true there aren't many formatted tables
      posted in message articles here but there are often formatted code
      examples, both bash scripts and programming language. Yahoo simply
      doesn't get it. Usenet, since 1981, only permits fixed-width ASCII
      messages so formatting issues have never occurred the past 32 years.
      We don't permit HTML messages here for a very good and similar
      reason though Yahoo goes out of its way to mess things up. Idiots.

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