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  • thad_floryan
    ... Hmmm. You re right and I m sort of correct. :-) It s been too long since I ve looked at the actual email hierarchy. I checked back in my archives and
    Message 1 of 9 , May 15, 2013
      --- In linux@yahoogroups.com, Scott <scottro@...> wrote:
      > On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 08:22:04PM -0000, Thad Floryan wrote:
      > > [...]
      > > Though I haven't "played" with maildir format, your comment that
      > > it's a single file is the same problem with Microsoft's Exchange
      > > server with all email in one file -- that's the kiss of death
      > > when things go wrong which is common.
      > Hrrm, I obviously wasn't clear. mbox is one huge file, with
      > various things in the file to separate individual mails. Maildir
      > makes each email message a separate file.
      > > [...]
      > > With mbox format mail every email is a separate file so generally
      > > one "might" lose one email if there is a disk error.
      > As I understand it, mbox keeps each mailbox as file -- that is, if
      > you have inbox and no other mailboxes, it's one huge file composed
      > of all your emails.

      Hmmm. You're right and I'm "sort of" correct. :-)

      It's been too long since I've looked at the actual email hierarchy. I
      checked back in my archives and saw (and now remembered) I wrote a
      program called mailsplit back in the 1980s that would examine an
      inbox file and split it up into individual files based on the
      "From " (that's "From" followed by a space) separator.

      Dovecot's been running for so long now because it's the best for IMAP
      and it's one of only three standards-compliant IMAP servers:

      http://imapwiki.org/ImapTest/ServerStatus IMAP servers' status



      and Dovecot does have separate files for each email along with VERY
      fast indexing and searching. Here's how many emails I have on my
      server as of a minute ago across several hundred mail folders noting
      several of the items counted are Dovecot's index files:

      thadlabs bash 70971/70977> pwd
      thadlabs bash 70971/70977> ls -lR | wc -l
      thadlabs bash 70971/70977>

      I suppose I've been using Thunderbird for so long now (10 years)
      that some of the various email setups are blurred in my memory; I
      just leave everything now on the server (FreeBSD) so it's available
      from any of my systems or even from anyplace in the world via the
      webmail facility -- disk space is cheap. About once a year I tar
      up the mail directory and copy that to a system on my LAN; there is
      already a backup disk on the server with a copy of all the mail -- I
      once had to restore an email from that backup disk on the server.

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