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Re: [linux] Linus Torvalds To Join Microsoft To Head Windows 9 Project

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    ... See, that can t possibly be true. I just read this morning that Microsoft was skipping Windows 9 and going directly to Windows 10:
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2013
      On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 10:39 PM, Thad Floryan <thad@...> wrote:
      > As found on the Web today, no joy today in LinuxLand:
      > http://itsfoss.com/linus-torvalds-to-join-microsoft/
      > It's on the Internet so it must be true. :-)
      > I suppose his best friend, Lennart Poeterring, from his favorite
      > company, Red Hat, will be joining him in Redmond WA (USA).
      > Linus Torvalds To Join Microsoft To Head Windows 9 Project
      > By Abhishek April 1, 2013

      See, that can't possibly be true. I just read this morning that
      Microsoft was skipping Windows 9 and going directly to Windows 10:


      Microsoft skips 'too good' Windows 9, jumps to Windows 10
      Deeming Windows 9 'too good to release,' Microsoft execs shelve
      follow-up to Windows 8 and proceed to Windows 10

      By Pete Babb | InfoWorld

      If you've been looking forward to Windows 9, the OS that will fix what
      Windows 8 got wrong, you're in for a surprise: There will be no
      Windows 9. Instead, Microsoft announced it will proceed directly to
      Windows 10.

      "The Windows 9 internal beta was a phenomenal success," said Microsoft
      PR rep Cheryl Tunt. "I mean, it blew Windows 8 out of the water, and
      as we all know, Windows 8 is nigh flawless. After discussion at the C
      level, Microsoft has decided it will not mess with success and will
      leave Windows 9 exactly as it is. As such, work is now getting under
      way on Windows 10, which should see a public release."

      Details about Windows 9 are sketchy, but according to internal
      Microsoft communications obtained by InfoWorld, the OS was fast,
      intuitive, bug-free, and equally adept with both the Windows Desktop
      and Metro-style interfaces. "And who would've thought to put the Start
      button there?!? Genius!" marveled one engineer, though it's unclear
      where "there" is exactly.

      Another engineer likened the OS to the Nintendo Entertainment System's
      Power Glove accessory, saying, "It's that good a melding of man and

      One email chain riffed extensively on how Windows 9 is like the sitcom
      "Seinfeld" in that it's "about nothing," but also because "there was
      that one episode where Kramer got the deli meat slicer, and he said he
      had cut slices of meat so thin, he couldn't even see them. Well,
      Windows 9 is so transparent, you won't even know it's there. Hell, I'm
      not even sure I used it!"

      "Hey guys, if all this is true, then we can't release this [OS] to the
      public," one HR manager who had been CC'd on the emails declared. "We
      have to keep this internal and advertise it as a perk. You know: 'Come
      work for Microsoft, and you get to use Windows 9!'"

      The decision to jump to Windows 10 was announced during an all-company
      meeting by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who took the stage in front of
      a banner reading "Mission Accomplished."

      "You guys who make Windows are the backbone of this company!" an
      exuberant Ballmer claimed. "You've really outdone yourselves here.
      This is exactly the kind of perfection so synonymous with the
      Microsoft brand that we can't see fit to have it exist anywhere but
      within Microsoft. It's simply too good to be released. Now, onward
      with Windows 10! By the way, this meeting counts as your lunch break."

      There was at least one beta tester who wasn't quite so dazzled. "Yeah,
      I tried out Windows 9," he told InfoWorld on condition of anonymity.
      "I dunno ... it's pretty good, I guess. It's not at all what they're
      talking about, though -- the engineers might be delirious from lack of
      sleep. I'm pretty sure the real reason we aren't going to sell it is
      because it's actually OS X."
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