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Re: You're being spied upon -- more info from WikiLeaks, et al

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  • thad_floryan
    ... This will be the last I post about this matter. I ll be putting up a web page about it. Even PCLinuxOS users are concerned:
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 21, 2013
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      > > > [...]
      > > > FinSpy
      > > >
      > > > Twenty five countries are using the FinSpy surveillance software
      > > > [...]
      > > [...]
      > There's just too much material to digest at one time. If anyone is
      > interested, here are additional URLs I've found including another
      > one from WikiLeaks and I hope your eyes don't pop out of your head
      > like mine have almost done. :-)
      > http://wikileaks.org/spyfiles/files/0/289_GAMMA-201110-FinSpy.pdf
      > [...]

      This will be the last I post about this matter. I'll be putting up a
      web page about it. Even PCLinuxOS users are concerned:


      I suppose that next the governments will be installing sewer monitors
      on every residence on Earth to see if we're eating too much. :-)

      Clearly the FinSpy and FinFisher are more intrusive than the CarrierIQ
      software (and Apple's equivalent once they dumped CarrierIQ and wrote
      their own) that infects nearly all smartphones. Search this group's
      message archives for more info about CarrierIQ


      Hmmm, they removed the clock showing how they infect 2+ smartphones
      every second from their webpage. I suppose that clock really offended
      the EFF who has taken CarrierIQ to task multiple times.

      Some material from the (above) WikiLeaks FinSpy PDF brochure:

      Bypassing of 40 regularly tested Antivirus Systems

      Covert Communication with Headquarters

      Full Skype Monitoring (Calls, Chats, File Transfers, Video,
      Contact List)

      Recording of common communication like Email, Chats and VoIP

      Live Surveillance through Webcam and Microphone

      Silent extracting of Files from Hard-Disk

      Process-based Key-logger for faster analysis

      Live Remote Forensics on Target System

      Advanced Filters to record only important information

      Supports most common Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OSX and

      [## my note: 'Support'? 'Infects' would be a better term to use ##]

      FinSpy was installed on several computer systems inside Internet
      Cafes in critical areas ... using the Webcam, pictures of the
      Targets were taken while they were using the system.

      FinSpy was covertly deployed on the Target Systems of several
      members of an Organized Crime Group. Using the country tracing
      and remote microphone access, essential information could be
      gathered from every meeting that was held by this group.

      'Covertly deployed' is no joke. In some of the other material I've
      examined so far, FinSpy is slipperier than software crafted by the
      criminal masters from Russia, The Ukraine, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania,
      China, Viet Nam, South Korea, and other countries.

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