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Re: Accelerated Graphics?

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  • Greg
    ... more ... of DRI, ... the older ... that then ... check the ... that I don t ... please! ... Well....that first set of numbers I posted, with the 17fps
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 2, 2004
      --- In linux@yahoogroups.com, Bob Young <polaris9@m...> wrote:

      > OK -- I'm guessing a bit here -- but I think some of the drivers for
      > advanced graphics adaptors contain their own superior implementation
      of DRI,
      > which will be disabled if the XF86 driver is loaded in advance. For
      the older
      > ATI cards I don't believe this is true, but if you want to confirm
      that then
      > you can simply comment out the 'load "dri"' line, restart X and
      check the
      > results. I would do it myself, except that I have stuff running
      that I don't
      > want to terminate right now. Give it a try, and post your results,
      > Bob

      Well....that first set of numbers I posted, with the 17fps
      results.....that was with *no* 'load "dri"' line at all in the
      XF86Config file. I had to add it tonight, to get my faster numbers.
      For some reason, my XF86Config file did not even have that line, not
      even commented out.

      Go figure....


      Greg Heilers
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