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Re: [linux] Re: Microsofts Motives?

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  • Jim
    ... Well sort of ..... A History Of A M$ Flaw ================== Week One - You are notified by another company or user that the Win OS has a flaw. You
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 31, 2003
      >"Bill Gates claimed Microsoft is better at fixing software problems
      >quickly than the open-source community."

      Well sort of .....

      A History Of A M$ Flaw

      Week One - You are notified by another company or user that the Win OS has a
      "flaw." You assure everyone you are on it, and to remain quiet to prevent
      hackers from learning of it.

      Week Two - The flaw has been on every hacker BB for several weeks, but you
      take "meetings" to see if it is real. Then you debate it over Starbucks and

      Week Three - Computer Associates, Symantec / Norton, Macafee, .....
      frustrated with Redmond go ahead and notify their users of the flaw and
      post it on their sites. After thousands of emails and Starbucks, the now
      caffienated to paranoia staffers decide it is time to do something. Someone
      write a memo.

      Week Four - The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, .... and Boy
      Scout Bugle run headline stories on the M$ flaw. The decision is made to
      release the patch to major clients, and correct the code in Release 666.7734
      due out when Haley's Comet returns.

      Week Five - Micro$oft holds a press conference to remind everyone that it is
      a "minor" flaw and all OSs get them. ... and Oh, by the way, everyone can
      now get the patch ( that's you loser's ).

      Week Six - Internet privacy sites publish stories that Windowz Update during
      its "scan" for areas to update, is taking personal information and
      transmitting it back to M$. Suddenly, the amount of MS spam email to
      advertise M$ Money increases and you see your credit card is overdrawn.

      Week Seven - M$ admits "Live Update" is taking info for "technical purposes"
      but "without your name." ( no mention of license #, address, .... ), but
      that was okay as you agreed to a new user agreement when you installed the
      patch. Meanwhile, major corporations are screaming that the "patch" is
      crashing their servers.

      Week Eight - MS admits the "patch" was not beta tested and suggests all
      corporate clients migrate to Server III or Longhorn ( due out ?). Small
      users get notices that Microsoft wishes to collect under the new user
      agreement terms, your first born child or a pound of flesh.

      History Of A Linux Flaw

      Day 1 - A Linux user posts the flaw, and the Linux group for that section of
      code analyzes the flaw. Gates jokes about Linux's poor quality.

      Day 2 - Patch is suggested, and approved. Balmer does a "monkey dance"
      after reminding audience that Linux is "Satan's work."

      Day 3 - Patch everywhere on the internet. No one from MS comments as they
      are hiding from subpoena servers. ( another monopoly case )

      Day 4 - The code is corrected for the next kernel of the Linux OS due out in
      a few months. M$ announces "Longhorn" is delayed until 2005, but has a
      neat new interface and multiple desktops ( all look like Linux now ).

      So how does M$ claim they are faster?

      Well, they knew of the flaw months before they released this version of
      Windows, thus they were on the case first. ;)

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