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64663Re: [linux] removable disk file system

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  • Michael Klinosky
    Aug 31, 2014
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      On 08/31/2014 09:52 PM, Scott scottro@... [linux] wrote:
      > Odd, I've never had anything like that occur. Is this some automount
      > breakage that Gnome, Unity, or another Windows like desktop environment
      > does?

      I'm not sure that it's _automount_ per se (it's not listed in fstab on
      any box). Just that every linux distro I've used (Fedora, Suse, CentOS,
      LinuxMint_DE) mounts a flash disk when inserted; I've never modified
      anything to do that.

      > Pop in the USB, mount it as root, then change permissions if necessary.

      From what I discern in that discussion (and the one that the second
      responder linked to), it's just a bit too involved for a lay-user.

      > Without a more specific description of the problem, I can't be more
      > specific in the answer.

      I formatted a usb stick as ext2. Then, when I tried to use it on another
      machine, I got a message stating that I don't have the necessary
      permissions to read the device. Sure, I can go su, then cd into the
      mount point. But, I want to use it as a regular user.

      I plugged it into the machine on which it was formatted, used dmesg to
      determine what device it is (sdb1), then ls /dev/sdb1 -l
      brw-rw---- 1 root floppy 8, 17 Aug 31 22:19 /dev/sdb1

      Are you saying that I could change the owner or group, and make it
      usable on other machines *without* all that fiddling that those 2 sites
      talked about?
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