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64658Re: [linux] Using Google

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  • Thad Floryan
    Aug 29, 2014
      On 8/29/2014 12:54 PM, ed wrote:
      > On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 01:07:52AM -0700, Thad Floryan thad@... [linux] wrote:
      >> I very seriously doubt Google is producing search tracking info for
      >> webmasters whose sites appear in a results list -- Google is *NOT*
      >> under *ANY* circumstances altruistic like that. Note there's a LOT
      >> of info in the mangled URLs that are not search terms and clearly
      >> are "something" that's encoded and known only to Google and Youtube.
      > Imagining that Google does track users, there's only two things that I
      > can think they'd do this for:
      > 1) so that SSL user clicks can help webmasters to better organise
      > their sites
      > 2) so that if someone is searching for "cats with big hats" they know
      > roughly when the user does indeed find something that meets this
      > criteria, so increase the site index position

      Hi Ed,

      A big "NO" on (1), and a possible yes on (2).

      Examine the mangled URL again; I'll break it up for readability and
      explain the three parts:

      The following 3 parts were originally an all-one-line URL returned from
      a Google search without the 'Google/Yandex Search Fix' plugin enabled:

      1. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=mapug&source=web&cd=1&

      (1) directs ALL clicks to Google for analysis and has some data that
      describes the search term for which this was the result

      2. url=http%3A%2F%2Fthadlabs.com%2FMAPUG%2F

      (2) is the resultant URL to which the user who clicked the search
      result will be re-directed after translation per:

      '%3A' = ":"
      '%2F' = "/"


      3. &ei=LLL_U9qKA9KxyASMkILwDQ&usg=AFQjCNGFD9opDWfQQtNML2j7U-zAzDYqaA&

      (3) is whatever information Google could steal from the user via
      hooks and backdoors in the user's browser; it is encoded and
      probably includes username, email address, IP address, and more.

      > I don't think that google are counting the hits for altruistic reasons,
      > I think it's all for user lock-in, to make their product better than
      > $other product,

      Google's product and revenue source is the users and the ads they read.

      > if web masters get good information, they'll use google
      > tools more than bing tools. Keep the product good, keep users happy. I
      > don't know how else the information could be provided to the web masters
      > if they didn't do this.

      In general, Google is not serving anyone but itself. It's possible the
      item (3) above is incorporated into "Google Analytics" but I really don't
      care since I block everything and never, ever see any ads from anyone.

      > What else would google want the information for? Anyone circumventing
      > this is hurting the internet for the rest of the users :)

      Many, MANY ads redirect users to malware sites. Over 250,000 readers of
      the New York Times were malware-infected simply by visiting a New York
      Times page and doing nothing due to the automatic and most evil feature
      of the web: IFRAMEs. It's IFRAMEs that implement drive-by infections.


      Microsoft invented IFRAMEs. That's good enough for me to suggest that
      Redmond WA be nuked from orbit just to be safe.

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