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64649Re: OT: the internet is mostly junk, was Re: [linux] Re: PHP is bad and Cellphones are worse (was Re: 2 PDF freebies ...)

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  • ed
    Aug 25, 2014
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      On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 07:40:30PM +0100, ed ed@... [linux] wrote:
      > A little story, prior to the wife getting chemotherapy I was the
      > on-call engineer when I had to take her to A&A (I guess the same as
      > your ER) as the lumpectomy site had become infected. A simple trip to
      > A&E become a weekend+Monday stay. Lucky for me I had an Acer C7 +
      > mobile with me. I was able to do the on-call and Monday shift work
      > from the chair next to her bed.

      Forgot to say, just outside the window of the room we were in that
      weeked, there was a mobile MRI scanner, literally just meters away.
      Think of the fields that'd emit, yet no packets dropped whilst that was
      running, presumably within the mobile phone's Fresnel zone. That amazed

      Best regards,
      Ed http://www.s5h.net/
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