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64646Re: PHP is bad and Cellphones are worse

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  • Thad Floryan
    Aug 24 6:08 PM
      Matt Bailey wrote:
      > On Sun, 24 Aug 2014 15:11:55 -0700 Thad Floryan thad@... wrote:
      > > [...]
      > > The second Cracked article is also NOT well-researched. See this for
      > > the 12 pictures which is a sad commentary on our times:
      > >
      > > http://dbagging.com/12-smartphone-douchebags/
      > I am not 100% convinced of cell phone health effects, but I am
      > definitely concerned that the possibility exists.

      Hi Matt,

      Keeping an open mind and being responsive to new information as it is
      discovered or revealed is the scientific method that has withstood the
      test of time. There are many credible reports documenting the danger
      of cellphones.

      > However, I am totally disgusted with society's complete obsession
      > with cell phones, and that extends to the obsession with the less
      > meaningful aspects of the internet in general (social media, "viral"
      > videos, etc). The internet offers so much ... the knowledge of the
      > ages at your fingertips! You can learn how to program, learn to
      > speak a new language, become a history expert, figure out how to
      > repair your car, discover the secrets to raising your own garden
      > .... instead, we have legions of zombies speaking in 1st grade
      > English (or worse) about the most trivial things, and passing dumb
      > cat videos back and forth. It disheartens me to see a Carl Sagan
      > video or someone's technical how-to video that was uploaded 3 years
      > ago get less than 100,000 views, while something like "celebrities
      > read mean tweets" from a year ago has TWENTY FOUR MILLION views.

      Look how few views there are of one of my videos depicting a 3D view
      of Jupiter rotating created from just a single "flat" astrophotograph:

      runtime 10 seconds

      Not one person commented about it or asked how I did it.

      > The internet is like a grocery story for your mind: there is junk
      > food, there's health food, there are relatively harmless snacks, there
      > are desserts, fruits & vegetables. People seem to think that since
      > there is no obvious physical effect to what your mind takes in, it's
      > OK to feed it junk food ALL THE TIME.

      Ain't that the truth?

      > I own one cell phone for personal use, which my wife uses as her phone
      > most of the time. It can text and make calls, that's it. I have a
      > work cell phone which I almost never carry unless I'm actually
      > working. I hate cell phones.

      I never revealed here how and why I bought my first cellphone in 1992.

      Short story, the thermostat on my car hadn't opened on the hottest day
      of the year as I was driving on I-280 to work and it was a 4-hour time
      lapse before a CHP rescue since I thought that by inching the car up to
      the parking lot of Vista Point #1 I could find a bathroom, telephone and
      water -- none of those items were available at Vista Point #1 or any of
      the others unbeknownst to me and fortunately the CHP officer had water
      I could drink since I was dehydrated.

      The very next day my best friend and I went to the Cellular One store in
      Palo Alto CA and I bought a phone using my friend's Hewlett Packard Labs
      discount; it's the phone on the left in this picture:

      http://thadlabs.com/PIX/Thad_cellphones_1.jpg 184kB

      My current phone is the RAZR V3 (since 2004) at right in the above pic
      and I have a Pantech Breeze III as an emergency backup.

      > On my own time, I'm more likely to be carrying my PA-63 semi-auto
      > pistol than a cell phone. We have no computers in our house except
      > for two laptops and an iPad (my project/flight sim computers are in
      > the garage with the flight sim). We do not have a TV, nor do we want
      > one.

      When I'm doing solo with one of my telescopes on Skyline Blvd high above
      the hills flanking Silicon Valley, I carry a Ruger .357 Magnum and my
      cell phone for safety. The safety issue concerns cougars which are very
      common in this area -- 1/4 mile from my home, in downtown Mountain View
      and Palo Alto, and all over Silicon Valley and Northern California.

      I do setup a ring of 10 "Driveway Patrol" IR sensor alarms flanking my
      telescope observing site so I'm alerted to animals -- so far only deer
      and raccoons have been near me along Skyline and cougars are nearby.

      See where a cougar crossed Skyline Boulevard, followed a creek under
      I-280, sauntered through Los Altos where I live, and ended up in downtown
      Mountain View a few months ago during his 50 mile trip from the Santa
      Cruz mountains:

      GPS collar documents puma's travels from mountains to Mountain View

      UCSC = University of California Santa Cruz

      FYI, cougar = mountain lion = puma = catamount = panther, and they
      bring down and eat horses on Stanford University's campus along

      > Speaking of which, the home TV is one device that I genuinely believe
      > our society would have been far better off had it never been invented.
      > As much human capital as there is being wasted on cell phones and
      > internet use, it is incredible how much is being lost to CONSTANT,
      > mindless TV viewing. People even keep these things running in the
      > background while they are doing other tasks.

      TV has had a tremendous potential but now it's all junked up. I don't
      watch anything live except the Superbowl once a year with friends and

      However, I have bought laserdisc and DVD sets of TV series that are
      worth watching, such as COSMOS, Penn and Teller's BS, Mythbusters, Buffy
      the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, all the Trek series, and a lot more, and I
      have a very large movie collection which includes a lot of the original
      Bell Telephone documentaries on laserdics and many other documentaries
      from the BBC and even product DVDs for military gear and aircraft.

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